The Birds and the Bees Talk - Annual Price Rise

So with the usual 'unconfortable-ness' (that's not actually a word you know but I'm trying to ease into this slowly) it's time we all faced one of those subjects in life that, although a reality, it does challenge our collective adultness. We all know it's coming so let's get to the point...  I hope you'll still Love us after this... 

It's that time of the year again, the end of financial year (or EOFY if you're a smarty pants).

Unfortunately that brings along our annual price hike. This year the contributing factors are a 3.3% increase for your Stylists life style needs (salaries) and 2.1% for our Nation's inflated costs (standard of living in paradise costs).

Using advanced hairdressing mathematics (voice dial, who needs number pads when you have Siri) we called our accountants and asked them to crack open a spreadsheet for us - as we all know spreadsheets immediately kill all creative juices and they're Kryptonite for 'We' Creative Types (ahem!).

The verdict was duly handed down and that is a 5% increase on all services give or take rounding differences of coinage. 

Of course we apologise for the increase and will continue to beat our staff about the head for not agreeing to go without food or rent. They are a spoilt bunch  after-all. Also to be taken to task will be the wealthy nation we live in - damn this beautiful but expensive place.

As a peace offering all clients this month will receive a complimentary Kevin Murphy Treatment by way of us grovelling - but  you must mention this at the time of booking how funny this post is in order to stroke our expansive Ego's and to take advantage of us too.

Please love us we are but mere pawns in the game of macro economics.