Long Hair Styles

Long haircuts are like a playground for your hair and your hair colour, giving you heaps of options to play around with. Whether you're into layers or you prefer to keep it straight and sleek, long haircuts let you do your thing and rock your look your way.

Layered Cut: If you want some bounce and texture, go for a layered cut. It's all about chopping different lengths throughout your mane to give it volume and a bit of oomph.

Blunt Cut: Keep it sharp and edgy with a blunt cut. This one's all about chopping the ends straight across for a sleek and modern vibe. Perfect for making a statement.

Face-Framing Layers: Want to bring out your features? Get some face-framing layers. They focus on cutting bits around the front of your hair to frame your face and give you that extra bit of sass.

Long haircuts are all about letting your personality shine through. So, whether you're into layers, blunt cuts, or face-framing layers, have fun and rock your look with confidence.