Hair Colour Treatments

Hair Colour Treatments

Hair Colour Treatments.

Colour Treatments come in two categories.

The first is the "Fix or Maintain Health' category. These Repair, Strength and Moisturise the hair after colouring. You will know you need one of these if your hair condition feels below it's best after colouring it. In extreme cases you might be looking for a 'life saver' to pull you hair back into health after a harsh colour experience - if that is you start with Khairpep - that product alone will get you 90% of the way.

The second category is to 'maintain or enhance' your current colour. The most well known of these is a toning shampoo or conditioner for blondes - aka 'purple or blue'. But, there are all shades of products available depending on your hair's tone. IF you have really colourful hair - like a unicorn or pastel colours - please contact us for a personalised mix.

Below is a comprehensive video on Blonde toning shampoo and conditioners...


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