Scalp Lightening Retouch

Regular Maintenance

If you're a regular on scalp full blonde you'll know the deal. Every 4-8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows you'll need a touch up. The perfect growth length is 2cm.

What to book:

- On scalp Retouch

- Toning

- Hair Cut & Blow Dry (includes Hot Tools)

- approx time 3.5hrs


Scalp Lightening - Long Regrowth

Double Application

Sometimes life gets in the way and your regrowth is far longer than 2cm. Unfortunately to get you back to perfect we'll need to do two applications. The first is off the scalp (away from heat band) and the second application is to the scalp (within the heat band). It is more work and yes it takes a lot longer to do of course.

If your regrowth is more than 3cm...

What to Book:

- Virgin Head On Scalp (double application)

- Toning

- Hair Cut & Blow Dry (includes Hot Tools)

- approx time 4.5hrs



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