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Our Signature Blow Dry  

We've got all of the current seasonal hair looks covered for your Winter events - or maybe it's just to get a bit of pampering for yourself that you need ☺️

Signature Blow Dry - Long Hair $60

Signature Blow Dry - medium/short $50

* * Includes shampoo, conditioning, blow dry and hot tools.

- - 

Dry Styling

 In a rush and need a polish up? Come in with freshly washed dry hair and we will curl, wave or straighten it for.

** Shampoo and conditioning are not a part of this service offering.

Dry Styling $43

- - 

Need a trim too?

This is a quick trim of split ends when you don't really need a full haircut.

** Note this is designed for long hair and does not include new fringe, layers or a full style cut. If a full haircut is required, please book that service separately.

Add on a Trim $25


Note: this promotional offer is only available with selected stylists. 

Straight & Sleek

Everyone loves perfectly sleek, shiny and smooth hair!

Is this 'the' classic long hair look. Always in style and always wearable to any occasion.

Treat it right and this loo will last you a week... or more.

Glam Volume

Perfectly on trend right now.

This retro 90's look is one of our most requested styles from the TikTok generation.

An inescapably feminine look that has aged as well as the generation that first wore it back in the day.

Beach Babe Waves

An iconic Aussie look - Beach Waves are a perfect combo of 'caring enough' to make an effort but without the perfect polish of our glam looks.

Suits daytime or evening casual. Wearable for days in lots of different ways.

Rich Girl Glam

Another current social media trend aka 'Old Money Glam'.

A favourite of young money fans that blends polish with sophistication and hints heavily towards luxury taste.

Wear this to impress and dress up to to match.

Mermaid Waves

Long, long waved and coloured hair... who doesn't love that!

Styled and polished to perfection, these waves on the right head look like a mermaid or even a fairytale character.

Wear this look for evenings or to a formal daytime event.

Gritty Pretty

This one's for street wear - we love our street fashionista's.

Styled and tonged with volume - with a heavy dash of 'Rock Chic' mixed in to set the right vibe for you.

Wear this to a party that you know will get out of hand (in a good way lol).

Old Hollywood

Movie star glam is yours. The glamour of Old Hollywood is forever on trend.

Wear this perfectly manicured for an evening event or slightly messed up for a twist on 'the party after the party' feel!


We absolutely love our clients ❤️

After every visit we send a quick review request to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied with their Hair Service.

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