How INNOluxe Repairs and Protects Hair.

How INNOluxe Repairs and Protects Hair.

Tired of dealing with split ends, breakage, frizz, and those never-ending bad hair days?

We've all been there, and we understand the frustration of having damaged hair.

It's not just about appearances; damaged hair can affect the longevity of your colour and style, and even hinder your hair's growth potential.

So, what's the solution to preventing damage and repairing your hair when it's already suffering?

Let's delve into the science behind healthy hair, the causes of damage, and how INNOluxe's cutting-edge Advanced AminoBond Technology can be your hair's saviour.

Understanding the Essence of Hair

Your hair is primarily composed of proteins, making up more than 90% of its structure. These proteins are held together by a combination of sulphur, hydrogen, and ionic bonds.

Among these bonds, sulphur bonds are the most robust, providing your hair with its inherent strength and defining its natural shape, whether it's straight, wavy, or curly. However, all these bonds play crucial roles in maintaining your hair's health and integrity.

The Perils of Porosity

The trouble begins when these bonds start to break, creating tiny gaps within the hair strands, which, in turn, make your hair more porous. Increased porosity means your hair becomes weaker and prone to breakage. Styling becomes challenging, and humidity can lead to frustrating frizz. 


Identifying the Culprits

It's tempting to blame harsh chemicals as the sole culprits behind damaged hair, but the truth is, all hair types can suffer damage. Factors like environmental stressors (think wind, sun, cold, and rain), heat styling (blow-drying, straighteners, curling irons), and even hair colouring without proper care can weaken your hair's structure. Some of the main offenders are…

Environmental damage

Weather (think wind, sun, cold and rain) and artificial environments like heating and air conditioning can all harm your hair.

Heat styling

Everyday styling routines like blow-drying, using straighteners, curling tongs or other heated tools can break bonds.


Unless you use it with a product like INNOluxe ReBond, any colour that works with bleach or developer will challenge the structure of your hair and reduce its strength.

Chemical services

Perming or relaxing hair works by deliberately breaking bonds and reforming some of them with the hair manipulated into a new shape.

Regardless of how the damage occurs, those vital bonds in your hair end up compromised.

Some Hair Types Are More Vulnerable

Even if your hair has never been subjected to colouring or heat treatments, natural hair textures such as curly, Afro, or textured hair tend to be drier and coarser. This is due to the challenge of distributing sebum, your hair's natural moisturizer, along the length of each strand. Additionally, Afro hair has fewer protective cuticle layers and fewer sulphur bonds deep within the hair's cortex, making it more susceptible to chemical damage from hair colouring.

The Power of Protein Technology

Repairing damaged hair involves filling those microscopic gaps where excess water seeps in, making the hair stronger, healthier, and shinier. Different types of damage require different repair approaches, with smaller proteins rebuilding deep within each strand and larger ones providing protection from the outside. Repairing damaged hair isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, which is why many bond builders and hair repair treatments have their limitations.

Discover the INNOluxe Difference

Here's where INNOluxe's game-changing Advanced AminoBond Technology steps in. It combines various strategies into one comprehensive solution for protecting and repairing your hair:

  1. Precision Repair: This technology targets each damaged area with the specific size of protein it needs most, simultaneously softening and thickening each strand.

  2. Building Strong Bonds: INNOluxe's approach establishes connections between the proteins, creating additional crosslinks to form a robust network of bonds.

  3. Ultimate Conditioning: It introduces a conditioning shield that envelops every fiber, delivering added protection and enhancing overall condition.

With V3's Advanced AminoBond Technology, you can expect more strength, flexibility, and improved condition for your hair than ever before. It's time to explore the difference.

Protect and Revive Your Hair with INNOluxe

Since 2010, the INNOluxe team have dedicated themselves to advancing protein science, and they've condensed all that expertise into our hair repair treatments. The company is committed to restoring, safeguarding, and conditioning your hair so that it feels as vibrant as ever. Say goodbye to damaged hair and hello to a revitalised, confident you with INNOluxe.

Talk to your Stylist about how INNOluxe can help your hair be at it's best...

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