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Your hair’s condition is the essential focus of our work at Chumba - it is the very fibre that we craft with. Unless your hair is in great condition, our hairdressing skills cannot be fully utilised. We take the condition of your hair and scalp super seriously.

To assist us in delivering to you the very best possible results, we have selected what we believe are the best hair treatment products available today. Each range has an in-salon only treatment option that is more powerful than the home option. Ask your stylist which range would suit you best.


These are:

  • Shu Uemura- (Japan) created to celebrate the Art of Hair, this is the very best of Asian sophistication.
  • Oribe Hair Care- (USA) the ultimate in indulgent luxury.
  • Original Mineral - (Australia) created with the healthiest natural lifestyle choices in mind.
  • KhairPep Transforme - is the only product of its kind that carries a patented 18-chain peptide and 23 amino acids into hair fibres for superior results.