Brights and Pastel Hair Colour

Brights and Pastel Hair Colour

Bright Hair Colours

If you're looking for some info on how to create the ultimate bright colour work, unicorn and rainbow hair.... read on.

Let's be honest - say "Scalp Bleach" out load in a salon and you will see most hairdressers running for the hills - but not at Chumba. We have had the privilege of working in the heart of the 'fashionista' Bright Hair Capital of Melbourne - Chapel Street Windsor- for 12 years now. This is where bright hair colours are as common as cocktails and sushi.

sushi and cocktails


First stop for the bright work is being a scalp bleaching Ninja!


We have taken this to a fine art as the secret to creating all the rainbows is getting an even canvas to paint on.

So how do we create these perfect rainbows hair colours? It comes down to 4 very important parts, the consultation, the bleaching application/process, the direct dye paint selection and home hair care.


We have created a unique consult process to asses scalp condition, desired result, recommendation of tone options, canvas assessment, hair quality assessment, up keep, commitment to appointment time needed and pricing.

It's fair to say our Scalp Bleaching clients are very educated on the process and what is required to be the best rainbow hair possible.

Bleaching Application

After the consult, clients are asked to visit the salon having not washed their hair for 3 days - the best protection for your scalp is your own natural oils.

We use silicone paint brushes that feel like velvet on the scalp, we have thrown away the scratchy brushes that create irritation on your scalp - you should too

We hand select the best bleaching product for your hair type, skin health and required result. Our options; we have an oil bleach, powder bleach and cream bleach, all for creating different results and for different hair/skin types.

hair bleach products at chumba salon

A great bleaching hairdresser has a keen eye for detail, is precise and works very clean. Perfect bleach base canvas client needs to re-book visits on a 5-8 week rotation this ensures the regrowth is at a manageable length, which allows for the perfect bleach application avoiding over lapping, banding and breakage.

Your scalp should never feel like its burning. If it ever does please alert your hairdresser.

We've been so obsessed with Hair Bleaching we're now recognised as the best salon in Australia at this high end skill - so much so other colourists travel to us from all over the country to learn this process... yes we're obsessive compulsive perfectionists lol!

Your Direct Dye Paint Selection

To create bright and pastel hair work we use "direct dyes". These are not conventional colour ranges that are mixed with oxidants (hydrogen peroxide).

Direct dyes will only work on a bleach base as described above as they stain the outer scale of the hair shaft.

We do a lot of this work (our Chumba "rainbow hair in a day record" is held by Colleen with 8 in a single day. OMG! That would kill most hair colourist lol!

Colleen is a bleaching, rainbow & unicorn super hero.



As with any artist having an extensive paint palette is important when mastering this work.

As a creative act the best way to describe what we need is think like an actual painter - water colours, acrylics and oil based paint all have a place.

This leads us into why we have 3 choices of direct dye. This is very excessive for a general salon but we're a specialist colouring salon so given the amount of this the of work we do we are able to have any brand we choose.

Each choice has a different commitment level - let's say it's... Level 1 'dating', Level 2 'living together' and Level 3 'married with children' (you'd better be sure because to get out of this requires losing everything - hair wise).

Level One would be a soft removable direct dye called Evo Fabuloso Pro.

Think pale peaches, pale lilac, baby soft tones generally used as an option to our blondes who what a little spice up. But this can be easily removed and normally falls out to nothing by the next visit. Ever had that kind of relationship before lol!

ornage, blue and yellow bottles

Our Level 2 choice is a bigger commitment and we've moved into a full direct dye called Pulp Riot.  

We get more longevity from our bright colours but it is relatively easy to remove or evolve into your next rainbow colour and falls away beautifully.

pulp riot hair colour packaging


Then, finally, we have the ultimate commitment in our direct dye selection called Directions by La Riche.

Directions is the original Punk dye from the 80’s and guess what it is never coming out! Just like that bad tattoo this is yours for a long time.

This can be good and bad so this is why consultation is a must when designing your look.

directions hair colour

We have tested most direct dyes on the market and have made the best choices for your hair colouring.

When testing and choosing direct dyes for you we look at what your desired result is, fade factor, removability, changeability and cost.

Home Hair Care

What you do at home makes all the difference to maintaining brilliant unicorns and rainbows. Like any expensive fashion item you are required to look after it.

We recommend you use dark linen and towels as direct die can run.

Cold water is best on direct dye and will reduce fade if you can hack the cold water. Beauty is a pain in the butt sometimes but it's worth it.

Colour Conditioners are available to boost your tones between visits, we can custom mix just for your unique colour.

In terms of general washing with shampoo and conditioner Shu Uemura Colour Lustre and Oribe Beautiful Colour ranges are our go to recommendations to keep your colour locked in, bright and glowing, plus keeping optimum hair health and integrity.

Check out our real life unicorn clients......@deegoldie @glitter_tits_forever @tofurkey

Thanks for reading xx Belle

belinda keeley

would you like a bright or pastel colour?

We've created a special offer for readers to have their own Unicorn Hair.

It's called Unicorn dreams.

It's available Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Thursdays with Jess, Elly or Tiarne at the Chapel St salon and Bronny at the Warragul Salon.

This package includes; on scalp or off scalp lightening, personalised brights or pastel colouring, Khair Pep treatment, cutting and styling.

To fit this all in we'll need you for 4 hours - so bring snacks :-)

Total cost = $347 (a saving of $150 off normal prices)

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