Belinda Keeley image

Belinda Keeley -

Queen B

Creative Director and Colour Royalty


Colour Diva Belinda Keeley is regarded by her peers, media & fans as one of the very best Hair Colourists in Melbourne & Australia. Year after year our industry ranks her 'the Colour-bomb'.

Belle regularly hits the road to lead her crack Colour Team around every Australian and NZ. Creator of the Colour Queens Show and BK Education programs.  

Somewhere this 'Wonder Woman' manages to be the World's best Mum to a brood of three plus one dependant adult (see above), play business mentor to a lucky few and play International Sport. Whoa - that was exhausting just writing that!

Wanna be coloured, mentored or taught by the best? She'll will blow your mind technically and creatively. All hail the Queen of Colour - 'nuf said.

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