Chapel St Hairdressers

Pick your Freak Stylist here. Price is scaled to awesomeness, education and accolades - but not Talent, that bit's for free. Basically to hang out at Chumba is to be fantastically skilled anyway so you can't go wrong really - so in that case, pick whoever you fancy the look of & enjoy.


Creative Director   30years old in Hair Years (thats all we're counting lol)

Creative Director

30years old in Hair Years (thats all we're counting lol)

Carl 'King C' Keeley

Creative Director and leader of the hair freaks

Master of Much this is Chumba's Grand Poobah of Hair Stuff. Literally  thinks he has a little Wizard on his shoulder whispering hair wisdom to him - no seriously he does, and he always has the answers to obscure hair crap questions somehow.  For fun  Carl's won a couple of things. Normally he teams up with his Freak Creative Team to which he owes all of his good work to. 

He spends a strange amount of time teaching and behind a Hasselblad. He is responsible for the Creative work that Chumba puts out there. Politely considered ' High Functioning', which is nice-speak for ADD or bipolar depending on the moon cycle. Still has both ears intact and  keeps Queen B happy most of the time, which is the important bit that makes it all work.


Creative Director

24 years of Colour Magic

Belinda Keeley - Queen B

Creative Director and  Colour Royalty

Colour Diva Belinda Keeley is regarded by her peers, media & fans as one of the very best Colourists in Australia. Year after year our industry ranks her 'the Colour-bomb'. Belle regularly hits the road to lead her crack Colour Team around every Australian and NZ. Creator of the Colour Queens Show and BK Education programs.  Somewhere this 'Wonder Woman' manages to be the World's best Mum to a brood of three plus one dependant adult (see above), play business mentor to a lucky few  and play International Sport. Whoa - that was exhausting just writing that!

Wanna be coloured, mentored or taught by the best? She'll  will blow your mind technically and creatively.  All hail the Queen of Colour  - 'nuf said.

For more Colour Queenie content check out

Creative Team  - book weeks in advance for peak times.  Follicle Lovin' for 20 years

Creative Team - book weeks in advance for peak times.

Follicle Lovin' for 20 years

Colleen 'The Keystone'  Stanford

Colour Guru - Think Plastic Surgeon for your Hair. 

Way back when Chumba Windsor was born in 2008 there was a moment... these moments  makes or breaks an entire company. That moment was when a skater looking girl blew in our door. You know we reference check people - her reference said this 'Colleen will be the best thing that has ever happenned to your salon' - and so she is. She is the best and the Rock that Chumba Windsor is built upon.

By way of Byron Bay home town of all Guru types, this cutting edge stylist can Colour your World and then some. 'Co(o)l' is a  Creative Team member that leads the Chumba to push to the bleeding edge of hair in Chapel St. So by definition she is the coolest chick on the strip. Got a tough Colour 'fix it' , 'save it', 'funk it' or 'change it' job? This is your girl - just smile, nod and say go for it. If there's a better Correction chick out there somewhere it'd be news to us. Wins a bit of stuff.

Just to add to her fully booked existence Co(o)l hits the road non stop around Australia with Queen B to educate and inspire other Hairdresser with her supernatural Colouring Powers.

Creative Team  - book weeks in advance for peak times.  26 year Journey to Mastery

Creative Team - book weeks in advance for peak times.

26 year Journey to Mastery

Christopher 'the Sultan of Soul' Gratton 

Chumba's Heart and Karma

Mr Amazing, Chris Gratton is a living legend in Melbourne Hairdressing and former Colour Trophy winner.  Simply Incredible in all skill sets, our 'Soulman' has zero weaknesses and unmatched strengths. Really is absolutely our Best of the Best of the Best - he's ranked #1 Stylist in our company. If you want the all-in-one Freaky Great Stylist just choose Chris. Has a particular knack for keeping the 'King' sane (and alive too) by talking hyper surrealist concepts with him - so Guardian Angel duties are his for life. We all love him without reservation and you will too if he gets his magic hands on you.

We share his Powers a wee bit these days as he hits the road educating and inspiring our Industry with QueenB for BK Education.

He can also be found Earthing himself in his country retreat of Warragul.

Artistic Director   Elbows Deep - 5 years

Artistic Director

Elbows Deep - 5 years

Jessica 'style icon' Burt

True Blood - Born & Breed in salon

Meet Jessica, she is what we refer to as a ‘True Blood’. Born into the Chumba Hair family from her very beginning of her career she has lived a closeted life with the walls of our Hair Asylum. And that has resulted in a freak hairstylist full of Chumba magic hair tricks and is crazy good in her skill sets. 

Blessed with a calm that anchors the entire team she is a foundation stone of the Windsor Salon.

When you mix the styling skills and  the technical prowess of Colleen Stanford and the magical energy of Chris Gratton you get this - you get Jess the culmination of all of her mentors all wrapped up into one Super Star person.




Hairy Living for 9 years

Hairy Living for 9 years

Tiarne 'our Stepfort wife' Klimisch

The Princess of Blow Drys

She walks in every other day with cookies and cakes. At Christmas time she turns into a freaky fairy decorating the salon with seasonal kitsch from top to bottom. This girl loves a bit of glitz, glam, freeze and has a pair of furless hand bag dogs. Let's just say she's a bit OTT on that stuff but it kinda works for her (no one else though... please God, one is enough).

Many years ago little Tiarne crossed our path and we didn't have a spot for her. Pretty much from then on she swore that she would get on to this Team. Fast forward seven years and now here she is on the Team and kickin' it on Chapel St. That's a young lady with a plan and the grit to get there - very impressed we are by that.

'T' is considered by us as our #1 Blow Dry and Wedding Hair option - she's quick, very very quick - like really quick and really good. So... if you fancy a bit of a quick swish on your lunch break with maybe a cookie or scone on the side we've got you covered people.


Hair Crazy for 2 years

Hair Crazy for 2 years

‘Lil’ Jess Riches