109 Chapel St


VIC 3181

p: 9533 7990

3A Smith Street


VIC 3820

p: 5622 2200

Warragul's #1 Hair salon since 2003

Chumba Concept Salon is Warragul’s destination hair salon.

Situated at the busy end of Smith Street on the first floor of a magnificent old bank building - you wouldn't know from the outside that a magical 'Hair Palace' lay within. Climb to the top of the grand staircase and you'll discover one of Victoria's most iconic salons.

Exceptional styling and outstanding hair service has been recognised in our winning of over 200 hair industry awards in Chumba's 16 year history and earned us the reputation of Gippsland’s No.1 hair salon.

The Chumba hairdressing team comprises a melting pot of highly skilled and passionate individuals, founded by owners Carl & Belinda Keeley and led by Debbie Litkowski and Christopher Gratton.

All Chumba stylists are trained at and work in Chumba's flagship Chapel St Salon - renowned for it's industry leadership.

By choosing Chumba Warragul you can be assured that you are choosing the absolute best to care for your hair.

Belinda Keeley- Queen B

Creative Director and Colour Royalty


Colour Diva Belinda Keeley is regarded by her peers, media & fans as one of the very best Hair Colourists in Melbourne & Australia. Year after year our industry ranks her 'the Colour-Queen'.

Belle regularly hits the road to lead her top Colourist Team around every Australian and NZ. Creator of the Colour Queens Show, Cutting Kings, Belinda Keeley Colour Education programs. Belinda is considered one of the best Balayage, Foil and Scalp Blonde colourist in the country. A underlined by O&M Hair Products as they have chosen her as their Hair Paint Ambassador and co-created the Belinda Keeley Hair Paint and Balayage Kit of tools and educational videos.

Somewhere this 'Wonder Woman' manages to be the World's best Mum to a brood of three kids plus one dependant adult (see above), play business mentor to a lucky few and play International Sport. Whoa - that was exhausting just writing that!

Wanna be coloured, mentored or taught by the best? She'll will blow your mind technically and creatively. All hail the Queen of Colour - 'nuf said.

For more Colour Queen content check out www.belindakeeley.com

Christopher 'the Sultan of Soul' Gratton

Chumba's Heart and Karma


Mr Amazing, Chris Gratton is a living legend in Melbourne Hairdressing and former Colour Trophy winner.  

Simply Incredible in all skill sets, our 'Soulman' has zero weaknesses and unmatched strengths.

Really is absolutely our Best of the Best of the Best - he's ranked #1 Stylist in our company.

If you want the all-in-one Freaky Great Stylist just choose Chris.

Has a particular knack for keeping the 'King' sane (and alive too) by talking hyper surrealist concepts with him - so Guardian Angel duties are his for life.

We all love him without reservation and you will too if he gets his magic hands on you.

He shares his Powers a wee bit these days as he hits the road educating and inspiring our Industry with QueenB for BK Education.

He can also be found Earthing himself in his country retreat of Warragul.

Christopher Gratton

Debbie ' Yes Prime Minister' Litkowski

The Pommy Puppet Master


Who pulls the strings that makes Chumba work? Debbie. Who kicks ass when ass kicking is required? Debbie. Who works more hours and harder than any other? Debbie. Who pounds the pavement with the Queen of Fun runs - Debbie. What the?

Interviewed and recruited over Facebook, this Super-Freak English import was brought to Australia with her entire family by the Keeley's to bring law and order to Chumba - and she did. Regarded by all of us without exception as the Most Valuable Player in the entire company.

Our Deb combines a formidable set of Hair skills with a penchant for Management second to none.

A 'Chumba for Lifer', the whole Chumba World revolves around 'the Deb'.  

Has the Power and knows how to use it too.

Rhi 'the Boss' Plew

Original Chumba 'Pure Blood'


At the beginning of time there were just a few of us. And the Keeley's obsessed over their small brood of soon to be super stylists - from that came the 'Pure Bloods' the group that were Chumba's first born. Rhi Plew was born to hairdressing at that time.  

To say we're proud of the career this amazing lady has carved out is an understatement.

A leader from the start 'the Boss' quickly asserted herself and became a Salon Manager a long long time ago - and she still kicks the odd ass just for fun.

This walking history of Chumba possesses all of the skill and qualities that you'd expect from a hand trained 'Chumbatarian' - high craft, high creative and exceptional customer service skills.

Without a doubt one of our finest ever - you get the picture.