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Elly Paynter

You know those sliding doors moments that happen on Instagram... we threw up a quick little video for a job vacancy and there was Elly. A hairdresser that was studying Interior Design and was working part time as a barber... "what the?". That's a strange mix - we like that around here.

Now we call Elly the 'Hair Paynter'. As in when we think of hair painting or French style balayage we point at the 'Paynter'. How, in the crowded talent house of Chumba can this? Simple really - it's because she's our best freehand painter (aka classical French Balayage) colouring expert.

How did a barber become a Balayage expert? Well - that's just Elly Paynter. A surprise package of brains, talent, skill and work ethic all underpinned with a formal education in Design. She's certainly a special quirky mix this one that's for sure - she fits right into Chumba.

We'd recommend Elly for any colouring work but her superpower is as described above. Whether you're going for blonde balayage, sombre, ombre, highlights or any other colour work you can imagine the Paynter is your 'It Girl'.

Take special note if you have have really dark hair (Indian, Asian etc) Elly's other superpower is transforming this challenging base colour into sun kissed lightness.


Get to Know



Years Hairdressing?

Hairdressing 12 years & at Chumba for 2 years.

Complete the sentence “I want my clients to..." 

"I want my clients to feel relaxed and comfortable, I want them to have confidence, love the experience and their hair."

What do you love about hairdressing?

"What I love about hair dressing is the interaction with every client and the creative process."


Just for fun...


Q:What do you think about alone in the car?

A: "The future, what will be & history, how things were decades

and centuries ago."


Q:Fav 90's Jam?

A: "What's up - by 4 non blondes and Virtual Insanity - by Jamiroquai."


Q.What are you known for?

A: "Always being busy, work, uni, side hustle etc."


Q: Describe yourself in three words?

A: "Happy, caring and happy."


Q: what would we find in your fridge?

A: "Mangoes, tzatziki, cucumber and eggs. I need to do some grocery shopping big time."

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