Yes she's done it! JESSICA BURT is now an Artistic Director


Congratulations to our brand new Artistic Director at Chumba Windsor - Jessica B.

Meet Jessica, she is what we refer to as a ‘True Blood’. Born into the Chumba Hair family from her very beginning of her career she has lived a closeted life with the walls of our Hair Asylum. And that has resulted in a freak hairstylist full of Chumba magic hair tricks and is crazy good in her skill sets. With a rich and successful career thus far studded with awards and highlights it won't come as a shock to anybody that Jess has reached this level so quickly.

Blessed with a calm that anchors the entire team she is a foundation stone of the Windsor Salon. She's the calm that allows the creative storm to express it's energy - you know what we're saying if you've seen her control this salon space - impressive.

Often referred to as the leader of the Chumba Brat Pack now's the time for Jess to pass that mantle onto Karlie and step up into the 'Big Gun Team'.

We know what's coming for Jess now that she's stepped up again as a leader. We're super excited, super impressed and super proud of her!

Jessica has bookings available at the Windsor Salon, Chapel St

Call 03 89533 7990 or email windsor