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K18 (formerly known as Khairpep) Molecular Repair Hair Treatment

KhairPep K18

close up of hair fibres before and after khairpep

The next generation hair treatment alternative to Olaplex KhairPep K18 is the only product of its kind that carries a patented 18-chain peptide and 23 amino acids into hair fibres for superior results.


K18 works by reforming the disulphide bonds and reconnecting the keratin chains in damaged hair. These bonds make the hair more resilient.

Since this is a permanent treatment in which the product is not removed by washing as often happens with other treatments such as Olaplex, it reverses damage and restores hair to near virgin strength.


The K18 peptide transforms damaged hair into hair with greater flexibility and resistance, scientifically proven. This groundbreaking new technology surpasses any other product on the market when it comes to repairing hair damaged by chemical services and heat styling.

Unlike 'plex' products that are mixed with colour and bleach during chemical services, KhairPep Transforme™ provides a simpler and more effective solution that doesn't wash out overtime.

khairpep bond repair

Khairpep K18 is a treatment like no other; being a peptide based treatment, a leave-in treatment and contains 18 of 23 amino acids, it works to reconnect broken keratin chains by carrying amino acids back into the core of the hair and restoring the hair's overall integrity, adding shine and improving elasticity.

  • Hair is made up of a protein called Keratin, the inner core of the hair contains Disulphide bonds and Hydrogen bonds that help keep the hairs heath and integrity intact.
  • When the hair becomes damaged from colour, chemical relaxers, hot tools, environmental aggressors and more, the Disulphide bonds often break - this causes the hair to become weak and damaged.
  • When we wet and shampoo our hair the Hydrogen bonds break, however, they reset when the hair is dried.
  • For Khairpep to work, the hair needs to be shampooed and wet (hydrogen bonds - broken) so the cuticle is open, creating an entrance portal to the inner structure of the hair.
  • The Khairpep can then travel into the hair and release the amino acids.
  • Once in the hair the amino acids work like a transplant, re-linking and repairing the broken keratin chains and disulphide bonds.
  • In turn restoring hair back to almost virgin-like quality!
  • Khairpep then remains in the hair, no rinsing out and no conditioning, sealing itself inside the inner structure of the hair.


Khairpep Serum or Masque?

What’s the difference? Which is best for me?



- Lightweight, cream consistency

- Great for longer hair types, medium to thick hair, knotty hair and curly hair.

- Khairpep Masque has detangling properties making it easy to distribute and comb through the hair after shampooing

- Fast absorbing and lightweight, you do not notice the product weight being left in your hair

- pH 5.4 helps in rebalancing  chemically altered hair back to it's natural pH 5.5 - 6.5

- locks down the cuticle for increased shine and resilience


khairpep k18 masque 50ml



  • Easy spray application
  • deal for short hair: pixie cuts, short layered hair, hair lengths above the jaw and ears and fine to super fine hair
  •  Khairpep Serum does not detangle the hair like the Masque, however does have the exact same restorative benefits
  • Very lightweight and fast absorbing
  • Ideal for aging hair that requires more volume and strength
  • close to neutral pH 7.3


  •  Completely detangle your hair and then wash 2 times with shampoo only! DO NOT USE A CONDITIONER.

shampooing hair

  •  Towel dry your hair, it will likely be knotty at this moment as there is no conditioner in the hair. If your hair has some length to it, split the hair down the centre so you have two halves of your hair to work with.
  • If you have shorter hair and are using the SERUM, start to spray the serum throughout all of the hair ensuring you have light to medium saturation of Khairpep throughout. Normally 5 - 10 pumps is ample.  Measurement is 12 pumps = 2ml of Khairpep™ Serum 
  • If you are using the MASQUE and have longer hair, take 1-2mls (1-2pumps) of Khairpep and work this through the mid lengths and ends of one side of your hair. Repeat this process on the other side of your hair with 1-2mls more. Any excess that is left on your hands and fingers you can run through the top section of your hair.

wet hair and hands

  •  You need only use a total of 2mls (2 pumps) of the MASQUE  for your whole head. Over use is not beneficial.
    You can use up to 4ml (4pumps) for your whole head if you have very long or very thick hair. Always start by using less as 4ml is an extreme dose.
  • Once applied to the hair, the Khairpep will require a 4 minute activation period. During this 4 minutes you can start to detangle the hair with your fingers then move onto a wide tooth comb or brush to completely distribute and detangle your hair.

brushing wet hair

  • THAT’S IT! No rinsing out and no conditioning - you can style your hair as please or leave it to dry naturally.
    Although, if you are planning on blow waving and styling your hair and you want to use styling products, you can! Although, you just need to make sure you apply these products after the 4 minute activation period.