Happy 10th Birthday to Us @ Chumba Salon, Chapel St Windsor

Happy 10th Birthday to Us @ Chumba Salon, Chapel St Windsor

Goodness what's this? Are we here already - that went quick...

Ten years ago we bough a run down salon at 109 Chapel St. That time just flew by us in a hairy whirl wind.

So what have we done in a decade - well we've managed to build Chumba Chapel St into an institution in Melbourne Hairdressing Salon in that time. There's been awards, accolades, adventures and a heap of Hair Magic. The list is too long to read. Not to mention the characters that we've housed along the way - both clients and staff. 

Carl and Belinda Keeley  would like to express our gratitude and humble thank you's to all that have created our salon in Chapel St. There's been far too many to name but believe us when we say we remember each of you and thank you for the journey thus far. Our people make the magic happen no doubt about it.

So what now? Now we're going to keep on making Hair the centre of our world - because that's our little obsession of course. The best Chumba has yet to be seen so fasten your seats belts and get comfy - the rides just begun. You can look forward to more amazing hair, lots more teaching in our industry, more photographic work and a heap more ... well basically a heap more of everything to be honest. 

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