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Curtain Bangs with Stephanie Bellairs

This is what I wish I knew before I cut curtain bangs!

Looking to change your look while keeping the length and shape of your hair? I know I was after a change and so I chose a curtain fringe look for myself.

2020 has been the year of the curtain fringe/curtain bangs and Chumba has been “in training” with Stephanie Bellairs of Cabello salon in Mandurah, Western Australia. We reached out to Steph to teach us her haircutting technique for this hot fringe trend. 

Blonde balayage with curtain bangs


What We've Learned About Designing a Curtain Fringe

There are many things to consider before making the decision, like:

- your hair thickness   

- recession lines  

- hairline patterns 

- styling at home


For the person with thinner hair or a deeper recession line, to have the fuller fringe look, more hair will need to be pulled from further back to achieve the desired look.

While thickness is something to think about, so is length.

It may be your preference to wear your fringe in the center and to have some hair on your forehead and sweeping to the side.

There is also the option of how much hair you want on the sides and how long you want it, this will affect how much hair you decide to put in the fringe.


For me, when I was thinking about it, I thought that I would want be wearing my hair up and wanting my curtain fringe slightly shorter in the middle for a softer look.

What I ended up enjoying better was a more low maintenance look that was slightly longer. I also found longer bangs were more versatile when exercising.

Because curtain bangs can be personalized so much, it suits everyone and every face shape, as well as every lifestyle.


I have found some of the most asked for and best celebrity bangs to show the difference.


Alexa Chung curtain fringe


Hillary Duff curtain fringe


Hailey Bieber curtain bangs


J Lo curtain bangs


Dakota Johnson curtain fringe


It's great to see so many versions of curtain bangs. These images also show that styling is also a big factor in the final result.

When I had my fringe cut, I walked out of the salon loving my new look and extremely happy with the style.

I knew what I needed to do but didn't think about the extra time I needed everyday to have it looking the same as when I walked out.

What I learnt was the shorter look wasn't for me, I was too lazy. But as it grew out a bit, I didn't need to blow wave it and ans I could just use my irons to style every 2 days.

The one thing all these looks have in common is: the fringes sit towards the face and then the ends sweep away from the face. For styling purposes this will need to be dried on the face then styled away. Giving you the modern look on the face and off the face at the same time. 


Author - Tiarne April is an Artistic Director at Chumba's Chapel St, Windsor Salon

Tiarne April



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