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Why is Balayage so Popular?

Balayage. Born and revolutionised in Paris in the 1970’s where foils and tip caps were the norm, and still the most popular the way to colour hair all the way through the 80s.

Only in the 90s, balayage was slowly made popular by a handful of celebrities, to now, where balayage has been the biggest and most dominant hair trend for that last 10 years, at least.

But why is Balayage so popular?

There are a handful of reasons as to why balayage has stuck around for so long and why clients and hairdressers around the world have fallen in love with the look. Here's a short list with just a few reasons balayage is a hair colouring trend that will be here for good...



One of the reasons that balayage is so popular is because of how versatile the look can be.

Whether your desired result is cool toned, warm toned, high impact blonde or subtle and sun-kissed, balayage can be for you.

Because there are so many techniques involved in creating a balayage, like foilage and free hand painting etc. on top of unique sectioning patterns that will determine the style of your balayage, the possibilities are endless.


Gina Rodriguez balayage hair


Factors like lifestyle, complexion and face shape may influence your hair colouring decision.

As well as the amount of lightness you want to have. The varying degrees of balayage can be as dramatic as a full head, more subtle with a half head or a partial/face frame for just a hint of colour.

The way we colour hair is constantly changing and with so many techniques at our disposal from constantly keeping ourselves up to date with hair education, curating the perfect look for our clients has never been easier.


Khloe Kardashian high impact blonde balayage


Low Maintenance

Another reason people tend to opt for balayage is the lower maintenance. The amount of lightness you desire will determine the maintenance of your balayage.

Higher impact balayage’s will be more maintenance than more subtle, natural looks, but you’ll find that no matter the style of balayage, you’ll be in the salon a lot less often.

Typically, a person who has foils or a tint done will be in the salon every 6-8 weeks.

With balayage, you might only need a freshen up every 3 months or so, but many of our balayage clients only need to come into the salon once or twice a year.

This can be appealing to people who don’t have the time to sit in the salon every 6 weeks or don’t want to spend too much money on their hair.


Jessica Alba subtle balayage


Hair trends moving into spring and summer have been hugely influenced by the repercussions of Covid-19.

The seemingly never-ending lockdown periods and restrictions will no doubt have people wanting a more subtle, low maintenance colour.

We will see a lot of our foil, on-scalp bleach and higher impact balayage client’s transition to a lower maintenance look that grows out nicely without any strong regrowths.


Gigi Hadid soft balayage


Good for all hair types and hair lengths

One of the many beauties of balayage is that it can be for anyone.

Whether your hair is super dead straight, big and curly, fine or thick, dark or light, short or long or anywhere in between, balayage can be for you.

At Chumba we are extremely lucky to have such a diverse clientele and we pride ourselves with being incredibly proficient with colouring techniques that are suited to each hair type.

Even if we are balayaging all day long in the salon, it never gets boring because no two balayage’s are the same, because no two people are the same.


Zendaya with curly balayaged hair


Who said balayage is just for long hair?

No matter the length of your hair, you can rock a balayage.

2020 has been a great year for the short hair balayage. We’ve seen a lot of blunt bobs and lobs this year in the salon, and it has made for a great cut/colour combo.

Its hard to deny how well a balayage adds dimension and texture to a solid bob haircut!

Natalie Portman with a blunt bob and subtle balayageSaorise Ronan with short blonde balayaged hair





Author: Jessie Riches, Senior Stylist @ Chumba's Windsor Salon

Jessie Riches


Meet Jessie the 'Champ'

So we found her at the Cheese Cake Shop... yup we did... all we heard for the first six months was "at the Cheese Cake Shop we..." That was driving Queen Bee nuts because she hates Cheese cake lol! But we all love 'lil-Jess' so we hung in there.

Besides the endless cake stories there was a little something that made this young lady stand out very early on - those hands OMG - those hands can 'do hair'.

'Old' hairdressers know talented digits when they see them and all of the 'mature' brains-trust in the House of Chumba could see the talent just oozing from those little fingers. IF only we could just shut her up about baking cakes we'd all be just fine!

Well the little baker did snap out of desert land and has now stormed onto the Big Hair stage by:

a) ruling the roost on the Chapel St salon floor and organising the Genius Colleen

b) winning the title of the AHFA Australia Best Apprentice Hairdresser 2019 (she's also a Finalist for AHFA 2020... to be announced)

No one's mentioned Cheese Cake since btw - good riddance to that.

We sometimes use the label 'true blood' - this refers to staff that are have trained from a first year apprentice to fully qualified with us all the way. Jessica is a 'true blood - and doesn't it show!

We can't wait to see her develop even further in her career.



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