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What is Your Pink? Top Celebrity Pink Hair Looks

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Millennial pink is more than a trend or a fad. When it comes to pink hair it's here to stay. 

Pink hair has been around for a long time and has proven to be incredibly versatile and a statement. It can be worn in so many ways that there are no limits. 

Because pink is an artificial semi-permanent colour, the hair that's underneath definitely matters. The lighter the pink, the lighter the base has to be. 

For pastels and the lightest of pinks you will need a platinum blonde base to start with- no yellow in sight! With any warmth, brassiness or yellow in the hair it can turn the soft pastel into a warmer watermelon. 


Pink hair dye can be used on top of blonde highlights or balayage to create different looks tailored to everyone individually.


As pink is a diluted colour, it's the perfect option for a temporary change. It will fade out and change with time. With each wash, the colour will evolve and become a new look.

The lighter colours will fade out quicker where the brighter, more bold colours will fade slower over time, leaving you with a pastel hue.


To replenish the pink colour there are conditioners that can be personalised and mixed with different pigments to suit the tone of your desired pink hair. Different shampoos and conditioners will prolong or cleanse out the colour quicker.

The versatility making pink the perfect choice for an event or summer change. 


Here are a few of my favourite celebrities that have shown different approaches with pink hair:


Bella Thorne rocking this bright pink over a highlighted look giving the roots a deeper pink ombre-inspired look with lots of dimension.

Bella Thorne pink hair


Tyra Banks Proving that you can be subtle and bold all at the same time. With a natural root and a muted pink end, I'm loving this style for a low maintenance pink.

Tyra Banks pink ombre


Hailey Bieber taking pastel pink to the red carpet. The pastel pink is sheer and soft having a blonde hue showing through. This is what I would call a platinum pink.

Hailey Bieber pastel pink hair


Nicole Richie is living proof that you don't need long hair to be striking. A short pink pixie is perfect for every occasion.

Nicole Richie pink pixie cut


Doja Cat showing us in vogue how she rocks this Millennial pink hair. Teaching us her hair and makeup looks.

Doja Cat curling her bright pink hair


DJ Mary Charteris showing the realistic pastel pink hair. An effortless look with natural roots and soft watermelon pink ends. This pink has warmth and softness that makes it very achievable for most hair types.

Mary Charteris with pink hair balayage


Blac Chyna, Yes this is a wig but it's also so desired by many people.
To achieve a look such as this a clean platinum blonde is a must have to begin with. This will give you the blonde/white tones when the light hits the hair.

Do be aware the darker the natural hair the harder to achieve. This is why celebrities choose a wig over colouring their own hair.

Blac Chyna with pastel pink hair


Jayden Smith, boys can wear pink too and rock it! Even shaved heads can be pink. A fresh fade and pink tones are perfect for Jayden.

Jayden Smith with a pastel pink fade


Lucy Hale has slayed the natural pink hair. This is my favourite look  as it gives a 3D dimension over her balayaged hair. The warm pink tone and lighter ends really enhances her fair skin.

Lucy Hale warm pink balayage


Regina Hall showing up at the 2019 Met Gala with show stopping colour blocking pink and black hair. She has really taken it to the next level.

Regina Hall pink hair



Author - Tiarne April is an Artistic Director at Chumba's Chapel St, Windsor Salon

Tiarne April



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