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Our Top Celebrities to Follow for Hair and Style Inspiration

From pop stars to royalties, celebrities (and their teams of hair stylists) have refined their iconic style and aesthetic well worth following beyond the silver screens and onto our mobile screens.


It’s no wonder why many of our beloved clients bring in photos of celebrities’ hair  styles for reference when they’re after a new look. Don’t believe us?

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite celebs who consistently disrupt both hair and the fashion world with fresh styles that are only matched by their attitude, so whether you’re thinking of changing up your haircut, color or style or simply looking for your next muse, we’ve got you covered. 


Here's our list of the Top Celebrities to follow for great hair inspo...


#11  Emma Stone

emma stone blonde hairemma stone pixie haircutemma stone copper red hair


Having been a redhead, blonde and a brunette, Emma Stone is no stranger to experimenting with hair colors, and rocking them all is no easy feat.

Her impeccable hues are only elevated by the stylish haircuts and stunning updos that tends to accentuate her bright eyes and cheekbone structure.

Oh, and while we’re at it, did you know Emma Stone is actually a natural blonde?


#10 Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown long brown hairMillie Bobby Brown upstyle hairMillie Bobby Brown textured blonde bob


She was born after 2000 but don’t hold that against her, since she created a buzz (heh) with Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has been one to watch out for.

There are no limits to her remarkable talents or style – as experimental as it is elegant, Millie explores and defines her aesthetic in hair, fashion and craft while shaking things up on the red carpet with styles and messages beyond her time.


#9 Sandra Bullock 

 Sandra Bullock with wavy hairSandra Bullock with straight hairSandra Bullock with heavy fringe


Whether it’s the next bus stop or outer space, this woman will get you there and looks good doing it.

From her signature sleek looks to natural wavy hair, film roles or other hairstyles, Sandra Bullock knows just how to rock her hair and has no problem dominating the red carpet with an air of sophistication.

Self-assured and secure, she knows what her hair likes and doesn’t like, and keeps her style fresh timelessly over the years without compromising her own identity, now that’s a principle we can get behind.


#8 DaniLeigh

DaniLeigh with blonde curly hairDaniLeigh with big curly hairDaniLeigh with blonde box braids


From dancing in music videos to taking over the spotlight, DaniLeigh’s perfectly undone curls and immaculate braids are as much a secret weapon as her voice and energy are.

A protégé of Prince before his unfortunate passing, she’s elevated to the top of the music industry and snatched up a PUMA partnership in the process.

All while comfortably maneuvering the ever-evolving street fashion scene with an attitude reminiscent of the Purple One.


#7 Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton with low bun updoKate Middleton with twisted updo front and back view Kate Middleton with elegant loose waves


The Duchess of Cambridge can essentially do no wrong.

Ever since coming into the spotlight, she’s not only stuck to the beautiful, tried-and-true elegant hairstyles, but also manages to mix things up with subtle colors and chic hair do’s that never feel out of place.

Matched by her bright and polished sense of fashion, Kate’s versatile styling stays true-to-self and keeps us coming back for more.


#6 Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith with pink buzz cutJaden Smith with sandy blonde buzz cutJaden Smith with brunette dreads


Being in public eye since childhood, Jaden morphed from the Karate Kid to a multi-faceted artist and mogul right under our nose, all while redefining the landscape of men’s styling with a humble attitude and his dreads in hand (honestly, we don’t know).

The androgynous, daring and weird hair colors, matched by the inspirational styling as captivating and moody as his music, the young Smith has truly cemented his place in the world as a millennial style icon.


#5 Zendaya

Zendaya with natural curlsZendaya with rich red-brown wavy hairZendaya with natural curly hair in a high messy bun


As grounded as she is imaginative, the former Disney and Spider-Man star’s style can only be described as playful yet classic.

A champion for voluminous curly hair, Zendaya is well-versed in managing and taming her magnificent curls as she is in mixing vintage influences with modern to create marvelous outfits and aesthetics that sets her apart from the crowd.


#4 Billie Eilish 

 Billie Eilish with blue hairBillie Eilish with light blue hairBillie Eilish with black hair and neon green roots


Who could forget the queen of comfort herself, Billie Eilish?

Between the brazen hair colors and flamboyant outfits, Billie manages to evolve each look from her last in ground breaking manners and leaves a lasting impression as quickly as her hair color changes.

She might just be the most comfortable person in the entirety of Hollywood yet.


#3 Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevigne with platinum blonde bobCara Delevigne with high ponytail and braidsCara Delevigne with platinum blonde pixie cutCara Delevingne with long golden blonde hair


Cara Delevingne has been consistently smashing out signature looks alongside designer labels since her early modelling days in the 2010s.

Ever since her arrival in Hollywood, Cara’s been reinventing her style and fearlessly experimenting with different hairstyles and color.

By now, we’re starting to think that there’s practically no hairstyle she can’t pull off, and we can’t wait to see what this extraordinary fashion icon still has in store for us.


#2 Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa with half blonde half black hairDua Lipa with half black half blonde hair updoDual Lipa with dark hair lob


Dua Lipa’s brilliance is rooted in innovative experimentation that bring back the style of yester-years with refreshing twists.

Wait, is this about her hair or Future Nostalgia? She has already single handedly revived the 'top deck' colour while comfortably tip toeing between blonde and brunette; she even joined the mullet club early this year and gave Joe Exotic a run for his money.

The London pop sensation also wonderfully mixes street wear with designer to create vibrant, punk-esque aesthetics similar to her vocals: slightly edgy, soft yet well-defined with an air of undeniable coolness.


#1 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga with wavy blue hair  Lady Gaga with platinum blonde soft glam wavesLady Gaga with long pink wig


We never really know what to expect from Lady Gaga or her stylists. Equal parts genius and strange, she takes no prisoners when it comes to pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Even before The Fame, Gaga’s daring and experimental attitude would shine through every aspect her work, whether it’s music, style, films or other medium.

Over the years, she relentlessly reinvents her aesthetic by bringing those imaginative, head-in-the-cloud ideas to life no matter how controversial or welcomed.

An individualist by nature, her attitude is appreciated at Chumba and her aesthetics, whether hair, fashion or artistry are no doubt as inspirational as they are notoriously disruptive.


Honorable mention: The Beckham's

David and Victoria BeckhamThe Beckham Family


 The Beckhams might not be actual royalty, but that never stopped them from looking regal.

Ever since Posh and Beck made their marks on the world gloriously in their own rights, they’ve become something of a designer royalty and grooming god respectively as they look and feel right at home in front of the cameras.

Needless to say, together they’ve inspired many of us to elevate our styles and men to get regular haircuts since 2002.

Widely regarded as fashion and cultural icons, the Beckham's not only don the most sophisticated styles, they take cues straight from the front rows of London Fashion Week and do so with a seriously impressive attention to detail that brings their best hairstyles and threads to life.


So, there you have it, Did your favorites make the list? This is our list of top celebrities for hair inspiration and style, AKA who we’re insta-stalking through Melbourne’s iso.



Author: Oscar Lam, Stylist @ Chumba's Windsor Salon


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