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Online Training with Pauline McCabe

During lockdown, we watched Pauline McCabe @pauline_mccabehair show us some looks from London Fashion Week, but first let me tell you a bit about Pauline.

She owns the award winning salon @rockpaperscissorsfreo in South Fremantle and a part of Guido Palau’s Runway team.

She's "The World's most in-demand hair stylist."

Pauline works backstage on all top designers' shows doing hair and working with top models.

Now Pauline is showing us the ropes, and how Chumba can use runway looks in our own salon.

The look that attracted me most was the hair from Simone Rocha London Fashion Week 2018.

I saw things that we see on the streets mixed with techniques I have now learned from the runway. The fashion from Simone Rocha is a mixture between pretty and perverse.

Seeing both sides together really create an eye catching style from head to toe.


Upstyle featuring knotts and ribbons


One of my favourite things about this look was the mixture of textures. From the movement in the hair to the silk ribbon tied to the pony, everywhere I look there is something new to see. 

I was quite surprised to know how easy this was to recreate. With just a few simple steps I know I will be seeing this look at the races and the parties to come.


Behind the scenes at London Fashion Week


Using a side parting and 3 sections on the head, it all came together using a technique called “knotting” to create this beautiful look.

Starting on the side and 1 inch behind the ear to the bottom on either side. Then splitting the hair in 2, knotting then adding another piece of hair to the next knot.

Moving down the head Pauline used the natural movement in the hair while adding some O&M desert dry for some grit and volume.

Using this product it allows you to pull and manipulate the hair in different directions creating a soft look rather than a tight pony.

With the top section starting in the middle and moving in an 's' like pattern this gave the appearance of the knots/texture throughout the whole head. All coming together with a soft ponytail.

A new way to create something we are all so familiar with. A look that wouldn't be finished without the bows and braids

Clips and a silk ribbon brings this look to the line of pretty and punk.


Behind the Scenes at London Fashion Week


The surprising thing about working backstage at fashion week is how many models they use.

According to Pauline, at times there can be up to 100 models and only 30 hairdressers, with not much time to get the hair done.

With so much to do in a short time frame, the models are busy. There are catwalk rehearsals that usually take more time than you would like.

You also have to working with makeup artists, nail artists, stylists and more.

I myself have been lucky enough to work with Pauline and the O&M team at NYFW 2018 and experience the chaos that ends in a short 10 minute show that blows me away everytime.

Because there is so much to do these looks are created to be simple but effective. The wow factor is huge and can be done with a few steps and a lot of skill.



Author - Tiarne April is an Artistic Director at Chumba's Chapel St, Windsor Salon

Tiarne April



The Princess of Glam Blow Drys and Tri's

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This girl loves a bit of glitz, glam, freeze - a lot of training and sweating. And has a pair of furless hand bag dogs. Let's just say she's a bit OTT on enjoying life but it kinda works for her (no one else though... please God, one is enough).

Many years ago little Tiarne crossed our path and we didn't have a spot for her. Pretty much from then on she swore that she would get on to this Team. Fast forward nine years and now here she is on the Team and kickin' it on Chapel St. That's a young lady with a plan and the grit to get there - very impressed we are by that.

Did we mention her transformation from couch dweller to Tri-Chick? That's a long  long story... she can tell you that one!

'Tri-girl' is considered by us as our #1 Blow Dry and Wedding Hair option - she's quick, very very quick - like really quick and really good. So... if you fancy a bit of a quick swish on your lunch break with maybe a cookie or scone on the side we've got you covered people.

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