Green Hair Colour - all about it and inspiration.

Green Hair Colour - all about it and inspiration.

Green Hair Colour - all about it and inspiration. 

lime green hair

Green hair, a unique and high fashion choice, results from mixing blue and yellow pigments, offering shades from vibrant lime green to subtle olive tones. It has gained popularity both in alternative subcultures and the mainstream.

green hair transformation

Green hair's roots lie in punk and alternative scenes but have since taken hold in the mainstream, endorsed by celebrities and fashion icons. It's a symbol of self-expression and creativity, appealing to those who want to make a striking statement with their hair.


multi coloured long hair

You can achieve green hair using various methods, including temporary dyes, semi-permanent options that last around 4-6 weeks, and permanent dyes for a long-lasting look.

Choosing the right shade depends on your skin tone. Cool undertones pair well with green shades featuring blue undertones, like emerald or turquoise, while warm undertones work best with those displaying yellow undertones, such as lime or olive.  

light green fringe with blonde hair

To maintain green hair's vibrancy, use colour-safe hair products, avoid heat styling, and protect it from sunlight and chlorine.

In summary, green hair offers a versatile platform for self-expression and creativity, suitable for various skin tones. Whether you prefer a bold lime green or a subtle olive, with proper care, your green hair can last for weeks or even months.

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