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Why We Love O&M CØR.Color Range - A Healthier Way To Colour Hair.

O&M COR.colour


Great for the Sensitive Colour Client


In this day and age we are finding more people are becoming sensitive to allergens and getting reactions more to the outside world, Including us hair colourists in salon also.

We researched for months to try and find the perfect colour company that would align with the Chumba brand.

A colour that would address scalp irritation problems, create beautiful shiny nourishing results, reduce the strong smells of chemicals in salon and still be a high performing colour product.

...Not to mention being a healthier alternative for our staff also.

Then a few years ago we found O&M CØR color which has been a game changer!


O&M CØR Technology


As an Australian brand, O&M CØR color was one of the first colour companies world wide, to create a revolutionary leap forward in the hair industry and produce a professional ammonia-free hair colour.

O&M is very serious about creating low-chemical solutions for today’s conscious clients and hair colourists.

Following years of research and in-salon testing, O&M created their exclusive Molecular Blend Technology (MBT).

This revolutionary colouring system pre-links pigments, allowing the colour to develop more effectively, while minimizing the risk of scalp irritation.

These following common irritating ingredients in hair color have been removed from O&M:

  • ø No Ammonia
  • ø No PPDs
  • ø No Resorcinol
  • ø No Gluten
  • ø No Soy
  • ø No Animal Ingredients

O&M do not test their products or ingredients on animals.

They also ensure none of their ingredients are derived from animal sources, earning O&M CØR.color the prestigious Cruelty-Free & Vegan certification from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


What Are These Chemicals And How Can They Be Harmful?



Ammonia, is an alkaline chemical, it is used to raise the pH level of our hair during the colouring process. ... Ammonia is also used to lighten the hair's natural pigment so it can be re-coloured.

It has quite a strong unpleasant odor.

It can lead to the natural structure of your hair degrading over time, further leading to dry, brittle, dull and unhealthy-looking hair.

It is also known to cause allergic reactions to some people such as skin burns, dermatitis and itchy scalps and watery/red eyes whilst getting their hair coloured.



Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is a chemical substance that is widely used in permanent hair dye.

Over time some people can actually develop an allergy to PPD, and related hair dyes, which is an immune response to repeat, separate exposures to PPD.

Exposure could be through a few contact points including printed inks or ‘black henna’ tattoos. It is not because PPD builds up in the body.

Most commonly some of the negative side effects of PPD can range from mild skin irritation to more severe allergic contact dermatitis, reddening and swelling of the scalp and face and in severe cases anaphylaxis.

If someone has the potential to react to PPD, they won’t react the first time they are exposed PPD but those first exposures do prime the immune system, which may then over-react when they meet PPD again.

Their immune system basically mistakes PPD as an invader and retains memory of that. When PPD is met again, it is the over-reaction of the immune system rather than the ingredient itself that causes the damage.



Chemically, resorcinol is a dihydroxy benzene. Benzene is one of the most basic petrochemicals.

Scientists use benzene along with other chemicals to make resorcinol, or sometimes they fuse resins with potassium hydroxide to make it. The resulting chemical works as a coloring agent, anti-itch, disinfectant, and antiseptic agent.

Resorcinol is not only used to produce dyes, but also is used as a treatment for skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, and acne, and as an anti-dandruff agent.

In the use of permanent hair dyes, resorcinol reacts with a developer (usually peroxide) to bond the dye permanently to the hair. It is usually used with other chemicals to get a specific dye color.

In higher doses it is toxic and can disrupt the function of the central nervous system and can lead to respiratory problems. It has also been shown to disrupt the endocrine system, specifically thyroid function.

It is also toxic to wildlife.



Gluten is a combination of proteins. It is often found in foods like barley, wheat, rye, oats and triticale. It helps food to maintain shape, acting like a glue that holds it all together.

It is used in hair products for hold and elasticity and protein.

It can be irritants for people with eczema and people with sensitive scalps, as well as people with severe allergies to gluten like celiacs.


What Is In It To Replace These Chemicals?


Ammonia has been replaced with miniscule amounts of MEA – an alkaline agent that mimics the role of Ammonia, minus the odour, red eyes and irritation.

PPD is replaced it with low levels of PTDS (p-Toluenediamine Sulfate), enabling up to 50% of PPD allergic stylists and clients to now use this colour.

Resorcinol has been replaced with either 2-Methylresorcinol or 4-Chlororesorcinol Shade dependent, these two chemicals kinder to the environment and with less potential to sensitize.


More Reasons We Love O&M CØR Color


Well first they’re an Australian brand which is great!

Another reason we love CØR color is because of no ammonia in the colour it has a softer grow out with your grey coverage and doesn’t have the heavy blanket coverage of other dyes on the market.


Quandong Fruit


They sustainably harvest a combination of the benefits of exotic fruits and seeds of the Australian desert, the Quandong/Desert peach (keeps the hair hydrated during colour and is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C & E, and phenolic acids, these properties condition and protect the hair and scalp from oxidative stress).


Desert Lime


Desert lime (Rich in methoxy flavone glycosides – limocitrin. Glycosides are skin healers, making them natural repairers of the scalp. This special lime also helps in absorption of vital nutrients needed for healthy hair.)


Wattle seed


Wattle seed (Coveted by Australian Aboriginals for over 40,000 years, this plant-based protein aids in cell regeneration and synthesis of keratin during the color process. Rich in Folate, B12, Zinc, Magnesium it prevents damage of the hair, skin and scalp).


Halved coconutmacadamia nuts with their shells on

Also in the lotions cold-pressed macadamia and coconut oils to help defrizz hair, nourish scalp and aid in colour molecule penetration and aids in hair growth.


We feel safer for our staff and for our clients to be using a colour product with lower risk of allergies and scalp irritation.

As well as being aligned with a company that has a more sustainable vision to keep evolving into the future and to be on the front of creating the lowest chemical content and cleanest professional hair colour in the world.



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Author - Colleen Stanford is a part of the Creative Team at Chumba's Chapel St, Windsor Salon


Colleen Stanford



The Colour Guru - Think 'Plastic Surgeon for your Hair'


Way back when Chumba Windsor was born in 2008 there was a moment... these moments makes or breaks an entire company.That moment was when a skater looking girl blew in our door looking a bit lost in Melb's.

We job reference people of course - her reference said "Colleen will be the best thing that has ever happened to your salon" - and so she is... for twelve years & counting ❤︎

She is the literally the best and the actual Rock that Chumba Windsor is built upon.

By way of Byron Bay home town of all Guru types, this cutting edge stylist can Colour your World and then some. 'Co(o)l' is a Creative Team member that leads the Chumba to push to the bleeding edge of hair in Chapel St. So by definition she is the coolest chick on the strip.

Have you got a tough Colour 'fix up' , 'save it', 'funk it' or 'change it' job? This is Your girl - just smile, nod and say 'go for it'.

If there's a better Correction Goddess out there somewhere it'd be news to us.

Just to add to her fully booked existence Co(o)l hits the road non stop around Australia with Queen B to educate and inspire other Hairdresser with her supernatural Colouring Powers.







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