The Power Base Protein Masque | Original Mineral

The Power Base Protein Masque | Original Mineral

The Australian brand O&M’s Power Base is a protein rich masque, it’s a dual action treatment that moisturizes and infuses protein into your hair at the same time.


O&M The Power Base


The masque has a combination of

  • Shea Butter
  • Rice Protein
  • Soy Protein

Which make your hair softer, shinier and it also makes your hair look fuller over time.

This masque is really nourishing and concentrated so always start with a small amount, about a fingertip’s worth.

Apply to your hair after shampooing and work from the ends of your hair back up to the mid-lengths and roots, but avoid the scalp. Leave in for a 2-15 minutes and then rinse and style as usual.

The great thing about this masque is that you can leave it in for about 2 mins for an express treatment or over 10 mins for an intense conditioning hit for your hair.

Which is perfect for keeping your hair healthy between salon visits or simply treating yourself at home.

This is a great product for weakened or chemically damaged hair. And perfect for anyone with fine, colored hair that are more prone to problems such as breakage, fading and environmental damage.

The masque’s Vitamin E, which is an intense antioxidant and moisturizing agent, makes the Power Base the perfect answer.


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Author: Oscar Lam, Stylist @ Chumba's Windsor Salon


Oscar Lam

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