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O&M’s Desert Dry Volumising Dry Texture Spray

This is O&M’s Desert Dry Volumising Dry Texture Spray. It’s the perfect combination between a texturiser, hairspray and dry shampoo.

It adds hold, body and texture to any style while sucking up excess oils in the hair to revitalise and prolong your look for days after you wash.

To use just give it a good shake, hold it 30cm away and spray into your hair from roots to ends. Then simply brush through or shake out your hair with your hands for a refreshed, lived-in-texture.

All Original Mineral products are vegan and certified by PETA as Cruelty Free and the Desert Dry is no exception.

It contains Lilly Pilly extract which is a native Australian plant that is high in vitamin C that acts as a natural collagen that plumps the hair. As well as Quandong extract, which is a naturally derived Australian desert plant high in vitamin C, proteins and essential fatty acids to keep the hair healthy and nourished.


Author: Jessie Riches, Senior Stylist @ Chumba's Windsor Salon

Jessie Riches


Meet JessIE the 'Champ'


So we found her at the Cheese Cake Shop... yup we did... all we heard for the first six months was "at the Cheese Cake Shop we..." That was driving Queen Bee nuts because she hates Cheese cake lol! But we all love 'lil-Jess' so we hung in there.

Besides the endless cake stories there was a little something that made this young lady stand out very early on - those hands OMG - those hands can 'do hair'.

'Old' hairdressers know talented digits when they see them and all of the 'mature' brains-trust in the House of Chumba could see the talent just oozing from those little fingers. IF only we could just shut her up about baking cakes we'd all be just fine!

Well the little baker did snap out of desert land and has now stormed onto the Big Hair stage by:

a) ruling the roost on the Chapel St salon floor and organising the Genius Colleen

b) winning the title of the AHFA Australia Best Apprentice Hairdresser 2019

No one's mentioned Cheese Cake since btw - good riddens to that.


We sometimes use the label 'true blood' - this refers to staff that are have trained from a first year apprentice to fully qualified with us all the way. Jessica is a 'true blood - and doesn't it show!

We can't wait to see her develop even further in her career.


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