C-Paste | Original Mineral

C-Paste | Original Mineral

C Paste Pliable Light Weight Fibre is a coconut oil based wax, with multiple uses.


The nourishing water soluble wax will add texture and dimension to any style. It has a soft hold and a light shine to the finish.


O&M C-Paste

C Paste is made from:

  • Coconut oil for hydration
  • Soy wax for excellent hold
  • Glycerine to add moisture

C-Paste is cruelty free and vegan, this product is made in Australia.

For short hair I recommend spreading a thumbnail size of product to the hands first then through the hair, this will distribute the product evenly throughout the hair.

For long hair, not using too much, run through ends of hair to add texture and define style.

This product is also beautiful to sleek and smooth a high ponytail or any loose flyaways.


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Author - Tiarne April is an Artistic Director at Chumba's Chapel St, Windsor Salon


Tiarne April



The Princess of Glam Blow Drys and Tri's

She walks in every other day wearing her triathlon training gear on, a bike in one hand and cookies in the other. At Christmas time she turns into a freaky fairy decorating the salon with seasonal kitsch from top to bottom.

This girl loves a bit of glitz, glam, freeze - a lot of training and sweating. And has a pair of furless hand bag dogs. Let's just say she's a bit OTT on enjoying life but it kinda works for her (no one else though... please God, one is enough).

Many years ago little Tiarne crossed our path and we didn't have a spot for her. Pretty much from then on she swore that she would get on to this Team. Fast forward nine years and now here she is on the Team and kickin' it on Chapel St. That's a young lady with a plan and the grit to get there - very impressed we are by that.

Did we mention her transformation from couch dweller to Tri-Chick? That's a long  long story... she can tell you that one!

'Tri-girl' is considered by us as our #1 Blow Dry and Wedding Hair option - she's quick, very very quick - like really quick and really good. So... if you fancy a bit of a quick swish on your lunch break with maybe a cookie or scone on the side we've got you covered people.

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