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Surf Bomb | Original Mineral

Surf Bomb is an Australian sea salt spray from O&M and they’ve done an amazing job fitting the beachy textures and movement into this bottle.


O&M Surf Bomb in blue bottle


The sea salt harvested from Australian oceans gives you effortless, wavy, tousled hair with plenty of texture, separation and volume.

There are wide variety of ways you can use it. You can spritz it onto damp hair after shampooing and then style as usual. You can also use it on dry hair before curling with hot tools for an amazing combination of curl and separation.

For anyone with naturally curly or wavy hair, this spray will help define the curls and de frizz your hair at the same time.

To use it, spray onto your hair after towel drying and then either style your hair as usual, or scrunch your hair to express your hair’s natural movement and diffuse/ air dry.

This is a great product for a lot of people whether with short or long hair, it’s very versatile, simple and effective at the same time. Not to mention it has UV protectors to slow down color fading and environmental damage.


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Author: Oscar Lam, Stylist @ Chumba's Windsor Salon


Oscar Lam