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Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is one of those beauty products that when you find a good one your life will change.

How Does Dry Shampoo work

Put simply: the alcohol or starch in the product soaks up the excess oil and grease in your hair, giving it a cleaner, fresher appearance. 

How does dry shampoo work to refresh your hair? It’s actually really simple. Dry shampoo is made with powders that soak up oil from your hair and scalp to give it a clean, fresh appearance. Added to that is a deodorising element to get rid of any smelly history (ie; late nights at the club lol).

The important thing to remember about dry shampoo is it doesn’t actually clean your hair. It can extend the time between washing your hair by several days but it isn't a substitute for actually shampooing and conditioning. But - it is a handy helper to save you the time commitment of a full was and style.

Pro Tip - a little oil is essential for the health of your scalp and hair so you don’t want to keep soaking it all up with a Dry Shampoo. Overuse may lead to issues with your scalp (coating it so it can't breath) as well as breakage due to a lack of oil or moisture (brittle hair). So 'a little sometimes' applies to this lifesaver of a product.