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Hairdressing Careers


Are You a Hairdresser or Considering Hairdressing as a Career?

🔭 We're constantly on the look out for talented qualified Hair Stylists and young Stylists/Apprentices to join our Teams. Think of us a talent agency - if you've got that special 'hair magic' that's unique and appealing...we want to here from you✌️

🙏Does this sound like YOU?✂︎ We kick it everyday creating amazing Hair for our clients (basically we're Hair Nerds:-)

We love it!❤️How about You?

In our spare time we teach Hair👓 and do Hairy things like photoshoots📸  for Fun.Sound OK so far?

We offer immense Education🔑 and Up Skilling to our Teams

Plus healthy remuneration and commissions💰

If you're thinking about and it sounds like a fit how about we talk? Hit us up for a quick informal chat to see if our follicles match your follicles and we can make some Hair goodness together📞

Seriously these are hair careers with serious pathways to create anything you can dream of in the Hair World🚀

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon :-)
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How much do hairdressers get paid in Australia?

This is a very common question and most commonly a misunderstood answer. There's two or three answers that are relevant.

The standard answer is to work from Fair Work Australia’s Hair and Beauty Modern Award 2010

This states that an hourly pay rate of $20.79 to $23.94 plus entitlements, allowances, penalty rates etc are added. This changes every July 1st so be aware of the current Award by visiting the Australian Fairwork Commission's Website . Goodluck trying to read this though it's not easy to understand.

Apprentices pay rates vary widely depending on their school qualifications, age and a few other conditions. It isn't an easy question to answer broadly so please check where you fit by reading the Award carefully. If in doubt contact us and we'll try to help.

The 'real' earnings of a hairdresser is actually far easier to explain than the convoluted Award. Basically Hairdressers are paid a minimum retainer week - which is the Award rate or higher. Then they are remunerated on their productivity by way of a sales commission. It's very similar to other industries in this respect.

So the equation is more value you add to the clientele the more you are rewarded. In actuality i's the clients who decides the earning levels of their hairstylists as they 'vote' with their 'bums on seats' and their wallets.

Top and in demand Hairdressers can earn $50k to $80+ depending on their schedules and performance.


What Experience is Required

This depends on the entry position you have in mind.

For Apprentice applicants there is no minimum experience level required.

Senior Stylist applicants - we require minimum Certificate 3 in Hairdressing as a qualification. Then we will need to assess your skill level and your experience level on a case by case application.

Art Directors - this is a leadership position in the salon and we look for everything as above for Senior Stylists but with more demonstrated experience levels. Typically five years plus as a qualified Stylist or with extraordinary career achievements if the experience level is less than five years.

Creative Team - this level requires extra qualifications including Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment as this is our teaching level. A minimum experience level of 10 years + and a demonstrated record of career achievements. Basically you'd know that you were amongst the top few percent of the hairdressing industry already.

Is Training Available?

Yes ongoing professional development is part and parcel of your career at Chumba.

How much training and the structure of training is determined on an individual basis.

Where are the Salons

Chumba - Chapel Street Salon

109 Chapel St


VIC 3181

ph: 03 9533 7990

Chumba - Warragul Salon

3a Smith St


VIC 3820

ph: 03 5622 2200

What levels are you looking for?

We're open to applications for any level of hairdresser or hair apprentice.

Our policy is is to create space and opportunity for talent to grow within. So if you're talented - we're interested :-)

What qualifications do I need to be a hairdresser?

In Victoria we have the strange situation of needing no qualification to be a hairdresser. Other states are licensed but Victoria is not.

However - at Chumba... yes we require a minimum of Certificate 3 in Hairdressing or equivalent for internationally trained stylists.

Apprentices are of course enrolled in that qualification and are actively working towards a success outcome in this.