Knock knock. Who is it? It's Chloe Hegan!

by Carl Keeley

As you all know there's a Reality Distortion Field operating in and around Chumba Windsor. That place is out of control lately! Put a cork in it Chapel St team ;-)

This time 'it's' dragged in Chloe Hegan a bright eyed  hair nerd from across the ditch - south side of the ditch - Invercargill, NZ to be exacto. A true Kiwi cuzzy (with a slight accent). This makes even the King chuckle in his Jandals on a cold day with his pork bones & puha aye.

Like all successful hook ups we  weren't even looking - BUT if you want to kick our door down we will take that as a good sign. Who breaks into an asylum anyway? Oh well, too late throw away the key, we have a Chloe and we can guarantee that this is no Bluff Oyster.

Chloe is available Tuesday - Saturday at Chumba, Chapel St 9533 7990 for bookings.


Hi Chumbaterians,

I hail from the Great Deep South of New Zealand. I took off to the North East looking for the next step in my career. After a quick look around  I've found my way to beautiful Melbourne  to learn from your countries very finest.

With Seven years hairdressing experience up my sleeve and an award or two from back home I am more than excited to be joining the wonderfully talented team at Chumba.

I find nothing more rewarding than creating ‘Hot’ hair and believe Education is paramount.  So be assured I am a Nerd for hairdressing and am constantly up skilling.

I am also a self confessed perfectionist and pride myself on my customer service skills and ability to adapt to each individuals wants and needs. Communication is key so whether it is an edgy trend setting new  cut or a touch up on your all time favourite colour I am more than capable and happy to deliver.

When I’m not in My Element in the Salon you can find me exploring this amazing city, I’m a gym bunny who loves to over indulge, where better to do that then here in Melbourne : )