Princess Steffi - Colour Freak in training

by Carl Keeley

Precocious Princess Steffi has been training with Queen B and Col @ Windsor. Tough luck her for being hand trained and groomed by two of our industries true Colour Superstars. Lucky Girl!

What happens when you mix talent with inspiration, art and endeavour? This happens... Colour Freak!

'Like' our Facebook Page @ Chumba and you can have Princess Steffi transform your dull strands into what the hell ever you can dream up for $119. Plus she'll give you a Fashion Finish (normally $45) so you can strut it down Chapel St. If you need a cut too Queen B will throw that in for being nice to her girl (normally $125).

Only catch is we can only do this on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays  and only this month - that means now.

Call the precocious one to arrange on 9533 7990.

 Princess Steffi Chumba Concept Salon

Princess Steffi Chumba Concept Salon