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Cleansing Creme for Moisture & Control 250ml | Oribe

  • The Cleansing Crème for Moisture & Control from Oribe is a non-foaming, dual action shampoo that cleanses and conditions your hair at the same time.

    It comes in a creamy consistency which gently cleanses your hair and scalp, controls frizziness and detangles at the same time without foaming up.

    One of the greatest things about this shampoo is its simplicity and effectiveness.

    It’s not necessary to follow up with a conditioner after using this because it’s really moisturizing as is and it detangles your hair at the same time while you wash.

    It’s also colour safe which makes it a great choice as an everyday shampoo, for people with coloured or non-coloured hair.

    This shampoo is especially great for curly and wavy hair types too because of its hydrating and frizz taming capabilities.

    However, if you have really fine hair then persistent use can start to weight it down, so it’d be perfect to pair it with another lighter shampoo and switch as needed if that’s the case.

    This product is is suitable for those who suffer from an irritated scalp, as it contains an abundance of natural purifying oils and fruit extracts that moisturise and smooth the hair.

    The Cleansing Creme also gently removes dirt, oil and product build ups, letting your scalp to breathe and works to balance and soothe it at the same time.