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Everything Spray | ANTI | 150ml

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  • A leave-in conditioning spray to add moisture, detangle and soften the hair. It can be used post-colour to equalise and seal the cuticle locking in colour, or as a primer to even hair porosity.

    Everything Spray works as the perfect foundation for additional styling products to be worked into the hair. It can also be used as a hair refresher to minimise bedhead and reactivate existing hair product each morning.

    o Lightweight conditioning ingredients instantly infuse hair with moisture, seal the cuticle, detangle, even porosity, improve smoothness and reduce frizz.

    o Minimise heat damage and breakage from styling by protecting and restoring a healthy sheen to hair.

    o PH range of 3.25 - 4.25 to close the cuticle.


    o Moisture Factor: 3/5

    o Shine Factor: 2/5