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109 Chapel St


VIC 3181

3A Smith Street


VIC 3820

Rhi 'the Boss' Plew

Original Chumba 'Pure Blood'


At the beginning of time there were just a few of us. And the Keeley's obsessed over their small brood of soon to be super stylists - from that came the 'Pure Bloods' the group that were Chumba's first born. Rhi Plew was born to hairdressing at that time.  

To say we're proud of the career this amazing lady has carved out is an understatement.

A leader from the start 'the Boss' quickly asserted herself and became a Salon Manager a long long time ago - and she still kicks the odd ass just for fun.

This walking history of Chumba possesses all of the skill and qualities that you'd expect from a hand trained 'Chumbatarian' - high craft, high creative and exceptional customer service skills.

Without a doubt one of our finest ever - you get the picture.