Carl Keeley image

Carl 'King C' Keeley


Creative Director and leader of the hair freaks


Master of Much this is Chumba's Grand Poobah of Hair Stuff. Literally thinks he has a little Wizard on his shoulder whispering hair wisdom to him - no seriously he does, and he always has the answers to obscure hair crap questions somehow.  

For fun  Carl's won a couple of things. Normally he teams up with his Freak Creative Team to which he owes all of his good work to.

He spends a strange amount of time teaching and behind a Hasselblad and is responsible for the Creative work that Chumba puts out there.

Politely considered ' High Functioning', which is nice-speak for A.D.D or bipolar depending on the moon cycle.

Still has both ears intact and keeps Queen B happy most of the time, which is the important bit that makes it all work.