The Keeley’s Story

Once upon a time a long long time ago (when we were young around the turn of the century lol) a Boy Haircutter meet a Girl Hair Colourist.

He thought “well that’s what I’ve always wanted - an amazing colourist to bring my cuts to life”. And she probably thought “what the hell is guy on about? He’s a bit odd with this Hair thing… just like me”. Anyway’s it wasn’t quiet that awkward but you get the idea and they liked each other a lot (cringe).

As it turned out that was to be a match made in Hair Heaven. They fell in Love, moved to the countryside and made a Salon. They called it Chumba after their World Vision Child. That was in 2003.

Their salon grew and grew. Then one day they looked up from their work and their Salons were really quiet big and filled with Hairdressers and clients that also loved Hair.

They won a lot of Hairy things and grew a Team that has become legendary in the Hair Industry. These days they teach a lot. Educate others a lot, help others grow their salons and create magic hair careers for others a lot.

Basically they do a lot… but the thing they still love the most is the first thing they ever loved - doing amazing Hair at Chumba together.

The End.


Belinda Keeley - Queen B

Creative Director & Colour Royalty

Colour Diva Belinda Keeley is regarded by her peers, media & fans as one of the very best Colourists in Australia. Year after year our industry ranks her 'the Colour-bomb'. Belle regularly hits the road to lead her crack Colour Team around every Australian and NZ.

Creator of the Colour Queens Show, Cutting Kings Show, the Keeley’s Salon Business Education and BK Education programs.  Somewhere this 'Wonder Woman' manages to be the World's best Mum to a brood of three plus one dependant adult (see above), play business mentor to a lucky few  and play International Sport. Whoa - that was exhausting just writing that!

Wanna be coloured, mentored or taught by the best? She'll  will blow your mind technically and creatively.  All hail the Queen of Colour  - 'nuf said.

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Carl 'King C' Keeley

Creative Director & leader of the Hair Freaks

Master of Much this is Chumba's Grand Poobah of Hair Stuff. Literally  thinks he has a little Wizard on his shoulder whispering hair wisdom to him - no seriously he does. And he always has the answers to obscure hair crap questions somehow.  

For fun  Carl's won a couple of things. Normally he teams up with his Freak Creative Team to which he owes all of his good work to. 

He spends a strange amount of time teaching, mentoring and behind the lens of a Hasselblad. He is responsible for the Creative work that Chumba puts out there.

Politely considered ' High Functioning', which is nice-speak for ADD or just out there’ at times depending on the moon cycle. Still has both ears intact and  keeps Queen B happy most of the time, which is the important bit that makes it all work.