Karlie Announces Herself in the AHFA Awards


Who's that girl? It's Karlie of course. No big surprise here for here Hair family. This is the result of damn hard work on her part....we're proud to announce that Karlie  just been been named as one of the Finalists for the Apprentice of the Year category in the Australian Hair Fashion Awards

We not joking when we proudly say we're not surprised to be honest. As we all can attest Karlie has  basically kicked butt since joining Team Chumba two years ago and this accolade ain't surprising anyone around the Hair scene. Following in the footsteps of her illustrious predecessors is challenging of course but this young lady has what it takes by the truck full and she works. - I mean she really works so so so hard (that's a triple up on the hard on purpose btw) with an insatiable passion for Hair.

Now she's recognised as being in the top echelon of Australia's up and coming Hair talent. What can we do now, well... we're just going to let her run full bore at it basically. So we're opening Karlie up to take on her own clients (with her Hair parents flapping around close by of course) because we just can't stop her and to hold her back would make us all crazy (and we don't do crazy anymore). If you'd like to become a part of Karlie's clientele we've created a little intro promo for her. Just click on the pop up to claim your introductory offer.

So  Karlie  - go get yourself some! You can do this Gurl!