What is a 'Colour Queen' anyways?


So you know dear reader we do not shy away from telling a tale or two around here lol! So here goes, the story of Colour Queens...

To paint the picture for you it went a little like this - about a year ago Queen B was browsing FB as she does (a little too often some may say at times ;-) when she came across a comment related to a BIG hair show that runs annually in Sydney. It's an amazing show run by great friends of ours that do incredible things with it always. So no bad there at all. The post read something along the lines of "well done Alex Newman for being the sole female presenter", no foul there either of course. The post was simply a well done and praise post to a great Chumba leader that we love to bits - very proud indeed xx.

But wait... did Queen B see something we all didn't? "The only female Hairdresser... in this major major show? Really? That's not right, can't be right can it? This is a female dominated industry - so where are all of the ladies?"...  that's how the rant started on that winter Sunday morning. And it continued for a few days believe me on that one. By the following week all was silent (she's dangerous when she's quiet btw). So that could only mean one thing really... "Right then, I've created a new show and it's called 'Colour Queens'. We're inviting four of the best female colourists in Australia to join me on stage and we're taking it across Australia... plus NZ" she pronounced as a matter of fact. As all good husband's know the thing to say at this time is "yes dear" and then disappear in a panic. Big Show, Nation wide and NZ too - righto this is going to be hard to pull off...

Well let's fast forward a year and Colour Queens is now an established Hair show that has indeed covered the east coast of Australia with all day shows in Melbourne (twice), Sydney (twice), Brisbane and yes Auckland, NZ too.

Born of the concept that the leading ladies in our hairy industry should have a platform from which to educate, inspire and lead the show is a hit success. The idea is full immersion in a learning environment that teaches skills and craft over products and tubes. No colour company owns the show so it has remained independant of the 'sales' factor. That's why it works.

The Colour Queens line up is a collection of Industry Stars,  they are... Kristina Russell (Edwards & Co, Sydney) Monique McMahon  (Que Colour, Sydney) and Mia Devires (The Fox & the Hair, Woolongong) the ladies are supported by their MC Grant Norton (Adelaide) who is the only Joker in the pack

So there you have it, the Tale of how Your Salon Owner created and lead the Queens of our industry to do what they do best - and the pay off for you... Your Hairdresser is surrounded by, trained by, exposed to the industries very best so you can be assured of the quality you're receiving every visit. Great Colourful things always start at Chumba (or at least they do in our opinion).

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