When Your Job is to be Ridiculously Good Looking - Who do You Call ?

No not Ghostbusters mashed up with Zoolander - we're not stuck in any 80 - 90's remake vibe are we? Move on please.

We have a lot of extremely good looking people around here in case you haven'y noticed. We also have  an extreme amount of great looking hair, extremely great looking in fact. Some of our peeps make their daily with the way they look. So a great Ballyage or Ombre is serious stuff when you dollars rely on your hair colour. When the 'pro girls' need serious colouring they call seriously great colourists. Luckily for the rest of 'We' normal people those same colourists are available on tap at Chumba. 

Want what she's having? Do you really really want it... well of course you can. That's what we do - imagine the Insta likes with hair like this.

From Eileen Cassidy
My hair - I have never been happier . Seriously being with you guys the last 2-3 years . Has been so good . Just expressing gratitude as I've been reminded by so many friends how unhappy they are with their hairdressers . I've never had a bad experience and wanted to let you know 🙂 love you! ❤️