Full On Blondes and all that it takes to be the best...

Here in Chumba-ville we live in our own little bubble of creating the best Full On Blondes in the World - it's become an obsession in fact and the results are nothing short of incredible.

You may or may not know that the mere mention of 'on scalp lightening' sends the majority of salon hairdressers into the proverbial 'pink fit'. Lightening at our quality level is hard no doubt about it. Basically the smart ones S@#T themselves. The not so smart ones charge right in there and break S@#T off just like you see on Insta disasters. Others throw in their 'Plex' of choice to close the gap between their ambition and their hand skills but still get chronic banding . We don't do any of that you'll be relieved to know - we just nail it all day every day, every week all years forever and ever.

So there's no coincidence that our peers look to us to teach them this skill and pass on our ridiculously high craft in this area through our industry education programs.

But wait ... there is a catch and we've been caught so to speak... here comes the reality of 'Adulting' as they say...

The catch is this, we choose absolutely the best staff (and pay them accordingly), absolutely the best available lightening products (we buy quality and it ain't cheap) and then we use two (or more) hairdressers working on the service for you. The resulting 'catch' is that this all costs a lot to do. And these costs have increased dramatically over the last year in the area of stock ($AUS) and labour costs (Federal Awards rates). Unfortunately we can't control any of that stuff.

The result is an unusual and unfortunate increase of services around 'on scalp lightening' and full head micro-foiling. Please forgive us for this but there is a choice between offering only the best or cutting corners to save pennies. We've chosen to stay our course and settle only for the best. We hope you agree that that's the right thing to do for you.