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So what do you do when you're stuck on a beautiful beach soaking up the Summer rays? Most sensible humans would relax, get a tan, sleep in and just chill naturally. Why not right? Nah!

If you're Queen of the Chumba Hairy Cult the comfortable route is just , well just too damn slow. So instead you decide to live a more 'balanced life' of playing extreme sports like Underwater Hockey, partaking in extreme exercise such as CrossFit, balancing three kids on your hip and just to fill in the day why not create something masterful to share with other like minded Hair Colour Crazies of course. That's just how we roll around here - normal to us is just nuts to normal folk. We know that but...

Without blowing too much smoke up your pipes here's the idea - teach Hairdressers actual High Craft skills to be the best Colourists they can be... and don't try to sell them a Colour Brand. Why? Because we make our living's  off our Skills not the tools we use whilst expressing that Skill. Simple really, the better your skill level the better your Craft is.

And so with some excitement we present to you Belinda Keeley Education... coming soon to Melb's, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland and just to get to our adopted crew Invercargill too!


Here's the shizzle... get on it peoples...


The Precision Hair Colour Artist Education Program

Belinda Keeley heads the cutting edge Chumba Creative Colour Team in Melbourne. And for the first time is making Chumba’s signature colouring techniques and secrets available for the wider Industry to learn from. 

Belinda’s Hair Colouring Education is focused on Your Personal Craft. Develop Precise Application Skill and Inspirational Creativity with Fashion Forward Techniques along with comprehensive Consultation and Client building Skills.

It is Belinda’s belief that Colouring is the number one revenue generator in salons today.  And as such is a skill set that salon owners can confidently invest in for maximum productivity and profitability from their Stylists. For individual Stylists becoming a Colourist that is a standout in this competitive marketplace will set you up to be not only successful and prosperous, but also let you tap into an endless journey of creative opportunities.

So if you’ve ever wanted to become a more confident and Colourist these courses are a pathway to achieve that goal. The program offers structured selection of precision and creative education along with the opportunity to have her come to you in your salon and tailor a bespoke session to your team’s needs. 

The Precision Hair Colour Artist Education Program is available for private in salon education, Training Institutes and offered as a structured program.

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Carl Keeley