Hair Expo 2015 - recap

Well that went quick!

So off to Sydney we trundled for the Hair World's annual shin dig. Most arrived without incident but there's always one or two isn't there. New first year apprentice Vanessa, who has tracked around the globe btw, managed to get herself to the boarding gate... but forgot to check in of course. Um, back you go darl's. Vanessa found herself on a later flight that night. She was one step better off than King C though. He drove ten hours to Sydney with Princess Tia due to her ear infection. Can you say Daddy bounding moment? Oh and back again alone! We know who's really in charge there don't we.

So there was a bit going - Belle, Col, Chris and the full Chumba Team did their show for Lakme Hair Colour. Pete was on stage working it for EVO with The Lad's Show. Alex was flying around like a mad woman for Cloud Nine and the FAME Team. Somewhere in there was a bunch of other stuff we can't remember to be honest. And somethings that we can't admit to either (see below).

Much was expected in the awards but unfortunately the Hairy Gods did not seek our favour much to the surprise of some. That is of course a message from above to go harder next time and keep on keeping on.

Next year Hair Expo travels to Melb's for the first time and quite frankly so it should - I'm not doing that drive again that's for sure.