Chumba Front & Center @ AHFA Awards

This one's a Biggie Chumba Fam's. A really, really big one for us anyway.

Team Chumba got their collective whizzle  together last year and worked their backside off in salon and in the studio. Why? We as a Team want to be the best we can be for our clients -  no compromise, no rest and no bull.

So here is some of the work we've being doing for you all to enjoy - the  AHFA Finalist 2014 have been announced.... drum roll please...

Count seven Chumba spots - that’s the top salon result in Australia.

Oops! How did that happen? So that hard work is working, go figure peeps.

Wrap your eyeballs around this lot - the stuff we do upstairs in the Chumba Creative Crucible  while you're not looking...

Creative Team

Wade Blackford - Avant Garde

Steffi Tanian - Apprentice

Alex Newman - Victorian

Caity Williams - Apprentice

Chloe Hegan - Avant Garde

Vinnie Vince - Stylist


The Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA’s) continue to cement their position as Australia’s largest and most successful independent hairdressing awards program and the ultimate celebration of the synergy between hair, fashion and culture. Featuring a roll call of entries from the who’s who of the hairdressing industry in Australia, Thursday 13th February Sees the announcement of the finalists of the illustrious photographic categories for 2014. These Finalists represent the most talented individuals and teams in the business, as judged by UK Hairdressing royalty including Errol Douglas, Anthony Mascolo, Sacha Mascolo, Akin Konizi, Sean Dawson And Beverly Cobella.