IHS Salon of the Year plus Victorian Hairdresser of the Year 2013


Who knew? The two newbies at Chumba Chloe 'Puha' Hegan and Alex 'with a Capital A' Newman along with Steffi, Rhi and Caity took themselves off to the Victorian IHS Championships.

Note: True confession time here... the 'Chumba Monarchy'   were too busy staring at their own reflections to much notice the state championships. Like good ol' Narcissus before us we were a bit distracted by ourselves to pay attention.. and you know what happened there of course. Slapped down! Who's got the Big Guns now Baby?

So in they go - and out they come - with the silverware to boot! 

And Chloe's now the big story of her home town of Invergargil - somebody pinch us.

There's a saying around here you know... 'Cream always rises to the top' (and of course stuff gets flushed in the other direction)

Wow! Some days... 

So come on in to Chumba Windsor - Victorian Salon of the Year and home to the Victorian Hairdresser of the year 2014. 




2013-07-28 17.04.13.jpg
2013-07-28 17.01.45.jpg