Hair Expo Feveerrrr!!

There's something a little disturbing about grown men walking around Chapel St with dolly heads debating the pro's and con's of this colour clash or that texture - but - we're hairdressers and we reserve the right to be loopy at least once a year... maybe more but thats just how that rolls around here.

So here we go again ... the Chumba Team of Hair fanatics are as busy as Santa's Little Helpers packing, preening, wig making and squealing with anticipation for the upcoming Hair Expo Australia weekend in Sydney. It's crack for Hairdressers basically.

And what a weekend it'll be - once we arrive (if we arrive that is) on the cheapest flights we could find which is what every family of fifteen has to do. We'll all be staying at a Backpackers in Bathurst St. So yes that's fifteen hairdressers sleeping in one dorm room and of course there's a shared bathroom between them all. Luxury my Luv, thank you Queen B for that Spartan touch you're on the top bunk baby.

Chumba kicks off Expo Sunday with three of our Young Guns on the Launch Pad stage main hall. Followed by the full Chumba Creative Team on the Look'n'Learn  stage at 1-30pm for a one hour show called 'Kaleidoscope'. It's about colourful hair of course set to the sound track of 'Om'. Watch this and you'll have a mind bender of a time so catch us if you can and the rest of your day will fly by like a dream.

Pete le'Coolio Koziell will head to the AHC Youth Workx stage on Monday with a load of other Gen Y Kids to see who really can complete a sentence with out saying 'I or Me' whilst fiddling with some hair and their iPhones.

The rest of Sunday and Monday will be jam packed with education, shows and ultimately sore heads and feet. Until of course the main event rolls out on Monday Night - the Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year Awards.

Can 'King Carl' win his category of Australian Emerging Hairdresser of the Year - and that we'll have to answer in the next blog post.

Oh and yes he did shoot that himself...