Heidi's 'Riot Hair' by Colleen

A few tips from Colleen when you want to go Colour Crazy

heidies-hair .jpg


2 weeks before changing colour get client to use O & M detox shampoo and work through their hair section by section when they wash their hair and use O & M protein treatment to strengthen hair.

Always take a test strand a few days before hand to make sure there are no hick ups and no unexpected surprises so it helps your day run more smoothly and you can show your client exactly what they are in for.

Step 1: use Revlon Gentle Blonde Up and 20vol on the roots starting at back then move onto sides. When doing the fringe be very careful to keep section clean and not overlap onto the black.

Step 2.

Process for approx 20mins or until you see there is about 5 mins left on the back. Then head to the basin and work gentle blonde up and 20vol through the rest of the hair starting at the back and then sides. When the back is processed rinse it and then same with sides.
Shampoo twice with Revlon Post Colour Shampoo.

Step 3.

Dry the hair 70-80% then apply your choice of a Directions Colour Yellow and visually apply your choice of a soft green to ends. Process 15-30mins rinse and light condition..