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How To Diffuse Curly Hair - What the Hell is This Thing?


Have you seen this large contraption that came with your blowdryer called a diffuser and thought what the heck is this thing?

You are not alone. Most people throw it out or leave it to collect dust in the back of the bathroom cupboard. But this tool is extremely under rated and is an epic tool for curly hair and wavy hair.


hair diffusers

Diffusers are the round plastic attachments that clip onto the nozzle of your hairdryer, much like a concentrator nozzle. These accessories are sometimes included with hairdryers but are also sold separately.

Diffusers help to diffuse the heat and air from the dryer evenly, they spread the airflow over a wider area in a controlled way. You use them by placing a section of hair onto the diffuser and pressing it up against your scalp as you blow dry.

A diffuser mainly benefits curly hair by keeping the curls' natural shape, but can also be used to enhance wavy hair. A traditional nozzle can easily blow curls out of shape, causing them to frizz.



curly hair girl using a diffuser

Prep your hair with your favourite curl products.

I’m using;
- O&M Frizzy Logic serum for shine
- Shu Uemura Essence Absolute Hair Oil in Cream, and
Oribe Curl Control Silkening Creme

When using your diffusers it must be used with a low heat and fan level. Otherwise, hair can become a frizzy mess quite easily.

There are two main things to remember;

1)Don’t over touch the hair
2) Don’t over dry the hair.

Once you've applied your product don't touch your hair with your hand anymore. The diffuser is now your hand and will be used to enhance your curl shape.

Place your head sideways or upside-down and press the diffuser to your scalp, you want to focus on drying the hair closest to your scalp first then the ends.

Use the diffuser the same way you did your hand to scrunch your hair and encourage the curls. Do this around your entire head until your hair is 80% dry.

Remember over drying your hair can create unwanted frizz. Leave the rest of your hair to air dry.

VOILA, now you should have a more enhanced natural texture!


Author - Crystal Wilson, Artistic Director @ Chumba Windsor.

Crystal is a curly girl that drifted to Australia from Canada. She is a specialist colourist that loves big balayage work!

crystal wilson - balayage colour specialist