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Why We Love Khairpep Transformation Masque

Why is KHairPep our 'go to' peptide hair treatment?

Watch this interview and review by Senior Hair Colourist Elly Paynter from Chumba in Chapel St where she discusses why she believes that this is the leading treatment on the market at the moment for coloured hair.

As a Hairdresser...what do youlove about Khairpep?

Elly - "I love how instant the results are and how quick and easy the application is, not only for stylists but for the client at home, no long waiting time required. Yay."

What are the benefits to your clients using Khairpep?

Elly - "You can see and feel the benefits, the hair becomes more manageable, healthier and softer straight after the first use. Over time with continued use of Khairpep, the hair builds back it's strength and repairs damage through the hairs internal-structure."

Khairpep is not just for chemical damage, but mechanical damage and over exposure from the weather/elements, I love it for un-manageable curly hair also."

How and when do I use Khairpep?

Elly - "I love using Khairpep before, during and after a colour service, or for a pre-treat on a haircut/styling service, giving clients hair the opportunity to become strong and silky without the added time of other treatments that are commonly used.

If I am using Khairpep before a colour I will apply to dry hair at least 5 mins before application to give hair some added protection/strength, but on a more general basis I will apply Khairpep to clean/shampoo’d hair that has been towel dried, then a massage and comb through. Applying Khairpep after shampoo and on towel dried hair is how to best use the treatment at home, always allowing at least 4 minutes before applying any other products to the hair."Masque and Serum, when to use one or the other?

Elly - "Both equally amazing, I do like either of the two for different hair types. The masque has the added benefit of detangling the hair, it is perfect for hair that is extremely sensitised and needs some extra glide when combing the treatment through - great for medium to thick hair and longer hair, although it really is amazing on all hair types, just be mindful of how much you are using - a little goes a long way.

The serum is in a spray form, I find the best results for the serum on finer and shorter hair types, again you apply this to the hair after shampooing, the serum spray does not have the detangling properties like the masque so short hair types work great with the Khairpep serum."

KhairPep Transforme™ hair repair treatment with patented K18Peptide restores hair damaged by chemical services. Strengthens hair by up to 85%.

This ground breaking new technology surpasses any other product on the market when it comes to repairing hair damaged by chemical services and heat styling.

Unlike 'plex' products that are mixed with colour and bleach during chemical services, KhairPep Transforme™ provides a simpler and more effective solution.

KhairPep Transforme™ does not lengthen development time or require a higher volume developer (peroxide) to get the same result from colouring or bleaching. Simply apply before and after the chemical service and leave-in.

Khairpep Masque white box and bottle
Khairpep white packaging Serum Spray
Khairpep Masque sample pack in white box