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Everything Conditioner | ANTI | 250ml


    o Avocado Oil - Rich in amino acid and vitamins A, D and E. It penetrates deeply to condition, repairand strengthen the hair shaft.

    o Macadamia Seed Oil - A light non-greasy emollient that conditions, strengthens, improves the elasticity, lustre and softness of hair.

    o Shea Butter - An intense moisturiser rich in vitamins. It has conditioning benefits that reduce breakage and dryness, while improving elasticity.

    o Coconut Oil - Has intense moisturising and conditioning properties. It helps prevent hair breakage and reduces scalp irritations


    o Baobab Seed Extract - A multi-functional protein that repairs hair damage, increases hair strengthand protects hair from UV and heat damage.

    o Vegetable Proteins - Help improve the condition of damaged hair by strengthening, thus helping to reduce the degree of damage sustained from chemical treatments, hair styling and environmental aggressors.


    o Sunflower Seed Extract - Is naturally rich in reparative antioxidants that protect hair against UV rays and environmental degradation.

    o Moringa Leaf Extract - Is extremely rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. This protein repairs damage and fortifies hair, improving hair strength and vibrancy. It also offers anti-inflammatory,anti-microbial and anti-fungal benefits.

    o Visnaga Fruit Extract - Increases microcirculation to the scalp, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to the hair root.