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HAIR COLOUR Chumba's Secret Super Power is Hair Colouring

We are specialists in all colouring techniques including balayage  (a French word meaning to sweep), Ombré, Hair Painting, Pastels & Brights (aka Unicorn Hair Colouring), On Scalp Bleach Lightening, Colour Correction, Foil Highlighting (for classical blonde highlights), Grey Coverage and Colour Correction.

Why and How? Our team are industry renown Hair Colouring Educators. We're honoured to have other hairdressers travel to Chumba in Chapel St to learn the latest colour trend techniques from us. What that means to you the client is that you have the very best, as voted by other hairdressers, available directly to you.

Balayage and Hair Colouring Trends Today

Hair Colour, especially balayage hair and blonde balayage in particular, has become the ‘it’ trend in salons over the last decade. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint.

Balayage is a freehand hair colouring technique that is hand painted onto the surface of the hair. It creates a soft sun-kissed effect and a seamless grow out.

Never before has sun-kissed blonde hair been available in so many variations. This trend brings with it so many exciting options for you today from rose gold to platinum blonde shades – your cut and colour options are endless.

Ombre Hair

This technique creates a heavier blonde through the ends. Ombre is darker at the roots and gradually gets lighter and heavier through the ends. Another word for ombre is dip dye.

Closely related and often used to achieve an ombre style is the ‘Root Shadow’ technique.

This technique is to create depth at the root area. A darker gloss is applied at the root area to soften fresh foils or balayage. A lighter gloss is applied to the ends. It removes the harshness of fresh colour and minimises regrowth to create a soft “lived in” and “seamless” blend. 

What is ‘Faux Foil’?

Colour is painted upwards instead of down creating a seamless blend. This gives the lift of a foil but the blend of balayage.

Perfect for people with dark hair who can’t get the creaminess with a traditional balayage technique.

Best Colour Results Always Start with Consultation.

However, the foundations of great colouring still hold true. These are suitability to your skin's complexion, eye colour, hair condition, natural base tone, affordability, lifestyle and fashion – in that order.  

A salon professional can advise you if any colour correction is needed. Perhaps over bleaching or summer sun has created too much lightness. One solution would be to re-balance your colour with a ‘low light’.

This is a darker colour applied with either foils or hand painted balayage to create light & shade plus depth in lighter hair, thus creating much-needed dimension and contouring to your final style.

Another possibility is that your ends are too dull or over toned. One great and fast option to bring your balayage back to life is a ‘basin balayage’. This is a quick pared-down version of a full balayage that is hand painted on wet hair at the basin area over freshly coloured ends to create pops of lightness. Basin balayage may also be used to refresh and revive old blonde ends.

Get any of these techniques or consultation points wrong and you'll hate the result. So the absolute key to your best colour ever is a comprehensive consultation with experienced hair stylists who understand your individual ‘look’ and needs.

An honest assessment of where you're at and where you'd like to go is a great beginning to a long and happy relationship in any walk of life – and that goes for your hair as well. Chumba's award-winning colourists are trained and trusted experts – you pick the colour look you'd love and we'll guide you to hair colouring you've only ever dreamed of before.

What Colour Products Do We Use At Chumba?

We choose to be as healthy as we possibly can be, therefore, we've chosen O&M CØR CØLOR.

Read this full explanation of why it's the healthiest choice for professional hair colouring. 

We also use:

Redken Lightening Products and Redken Shades EQ – for our light looks.

Directions – for our super bright colours

Pulp Riot – for our bright or pastel colour work