Welcome Kylie J .... or is it Katy P?

by Carl Keeley

Well she looks like Katy Perry doesn't she lol! It's the teeth and the hair me thinks.

Anyway... BIG news for the Warragul Team as they welcome Senior Hairdresser Kylie Jones to the salon starting August.

Kylie is no stranger to Chumba as in a round about and around about again kind of a way... so try to stay with me on this one.... Kylie's been around us for what seems like ages. She's originally from Perth. Ok so far... Kylie's bff is Vanessa (aka she who is dead to us for leaving Melb's for her family back home - how could she?).

Vanessa (she who's name cannot be spoken out loud) bought Kylie in one day and so began the Chumba Team's adoption of a hairdresser that was not one of our own but was - if you know what I mean. Basically the entire Team just Loves this young lady. None more so than Mrs Chumba and the genius ColleenS (whom Kylie reminds us of so much - without the full moon craziness lol). But, she remained just a friend of Chumba. Are you on my payroll Mr Chumba would ask this ever present stylist that seemed to have her own staff locker here - No she would reply. Well one day we  advertised for a new Senior and a hairdresser named Kylie J applied. We said yes she said - No. She couldn't leave her current employer right now. Ok no prob - Mrs C cried a bit about that one.

Six months later we've advertised again and a Kylie J has applied again. This time Mr Boss had the conversation (can't risk upsetting the Queen again) Two Soy Turmeric Lattes latter and  Kylie J is now Kylie Chumba. Thank you Vanessa (she who's face we miss everyday here) for your bff we'll take good care of her. And finally welcome Kylie J to Team Chumba Warragul.

ps: Kylie's strength is in Colouring and long hair work. She has been personally trained by Queen BK and the Colour Genius Colleen at Windsor. She is now under the mentorship of the Mega Duo  Chris & Debbie so you know she's going to be a Super Star.